Kundli bhagya 9 November 2020 Written Update : Mahira threatened Preeta

At the beginning of the episode, Preeta asks Mahira if they should play the suicide game again. Mahira panics and asks Preeta to leave her hand. While Preeta removes the bandage of Mahira and finds that the injury on Mahira’s hand is not deep at all. Mahira tries to run away from there, but Preeta tries to stop her and ask to wear bandage so that the housemates will not know her tricks because if they find out then Mahira’s plan will fail. Preeta tells her that her antics prove that she does not love Karan. Also, she did wrong by pretending to be suicidal because she does not know how badly the parents of those suffered who commit suicide.

Preeti remembers how Sristhi and Sameer told her that Mahira was very healthy and that she had only cut her hand lightly so that she did not die. Preeti says that she knows Mahira was doing the drama and now she will tell everyone everything and will never let Karan be her. Preeta is about to leave but Mahira stops her and threatens that if she opens her mouth, she will ruin her. Preeta says she is not afraid of her.

Preeta finds Kareena and others in the hall and goes to them. Kareena tells Preeta to leave as they are talking about Mahira, which they do not want to do in front of her. Further, Dadi says that they should send Mahira to the hill station so that her mind is lightened by the change. Preeti interrupts them and says that nothing has happened to Mahira, she is only pretending to be unwell. Mahira interrupts Preeta and says she is lying because she hates her.

Preeta says that this fact is true that she hates her but she is not talking about it right now, she is talking about that she is playing with everyone feelings by lying to them. Preeta tells Karan that if she thought herself that if Mahira had really cut off her hand, would she have the power to argue so much. Mahira says if Preeta is not stay silent then she will cut her hand again. Karan handles the situation while Kareena curses Preeta.

Preeta’s dream is disturbed. Mahira asks her why she is looking so terrified. While Preeta drapes her plan to tell everyone the truth that Mahira can trap everyone as she can do such thing again. Sherlyn comes to Mahira’s room. Mahira warns Preeta not to tell anyone anything. Otherwise she will harm Luthra. Sherlyn is also ready to help Mahira in this. Preeta warns them that their consequences will be bad. Sherlyn says she is not afraid of her. Preeta tells Mahira that she will not let her plan succeed and leaves.

Mahira thinks how to defeat Preeta. Sherlyn says they need use their brains so defeat her. Mahira asks her how she came to know that Mahira is fine. Sherlyn tells her the whole. Further, both make plans to ruin Preeta.

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