Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 9 November 2020 Written Update : Spider Jin and Bona Jin are back

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni is weeping in front of Salma’s while keeping her head on her lap and tells Salma that her decision to promise her blood is very wrong and she is a very bad mother. Salma says that she is not a bad mother but the situation is wrong. Roshni says that neither she can fight with Rubina nor can take Aman out of the mirror.

While the keeper tells Aman that he had already said that he is doing wrong by keeping in the mirror. Now when his family needs him, he is trapped here. Aman says that he did what he felt right and anyway no power of the world can overcome him and Roshni, then soon they will meet.

Later, Armaan sends fruit for Roshni, seeing that Roshni is happy and tells Aman that Armaan is taking care of him in the same way he does. The eyes of Roshni become moist. Aman is sad to see her crying and tells her not to cry. While the ring of Roshni becomes active. There, Rehan seals the house and then decorates the garden to spend romantic moments with Shayari. Shayari is excited to meet Rehan. But before that Shayari could reach Rehan. Rehan disappears. When Shayari cannot find Rehan in the garden, she gets upset.

There, Rubina arrives at the house to kill Armaan. On the other hand, Shayari gets angry and taunts Rehan. While Rehan gets trapped by Bona Jin’s who is starts taking him from Junaid Haveli. Rehan tries to call Shayari. But Shayari does not notice him. Further, Shayari sees Rehan’s stick and mobile and finds that Rehan is in trouble. Shayari tells this to the family.

Roshni and Shayari decide to find Rehan. The keeper tries to help Aman. Roshni and Shayari come to Rubina’s house. Shayari notices the coffin there. She opens it and reaches to Bona Jin. Rehan is also there. Shayari is happy to see Rehan. But then Spider Jin comes there and tells Shayari that she will eat her and satisfy her hunger.

Rehan gets angry and tries to get out of there but is unsuccessful. Spider Jin says that his efforts are of no use because he will not be freed from their captivity. The keeper tells Aman that with the help of the Sifriti diamond he can get out of the mirror.

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