Shaadi Mubarak 9 November 2020 Written Update : Rati overhears KT’s words

At the beginning of the episode, Rati tells her mother about the village and says that the thinking of people here is 20 years old, and apart from the smell of cow dung is so frustrating which she can’t bear. That’s when she finds KT jumping out of the kitchen window and questions him why he jumped. KT makes an excuse to avoid her questions and leaves. Bhua comes and confuses Rati with some household chores because of which she is unable to ask questions to KT.

Later, Preeti makes a video call to KT and asks him what he was supposed to tell her. But KT is upset about the dhoti. Preeti notices his irony and asks what happened. KT tells Preeti that he does not know how to wear a dhoti. Preeti teaches him how to wear a dhoti. Ahead, Baldev and Fafaji come to KT. Baldev notices KT’s coat which is very expensive. Seeing such an expensive coat, Baldev asks KT if he is wearing such an expensive coat at another wedding then he is wondering about the coat he had worn at his wedding. KT thinks that his wedding coat is expensive too as well as his wedding, which expenses he is still paying.

Bhua tells Rati to grind turmeric. Preeti gives Rati grind turmeric and asks her to tell Bhua that she grinds it. Later, Turmeric function begins. KT decides that he will tell Preeti the truth about his marriage. But seeing the woman in a yellow sari with veil, he gets confused. Then he notices a Bengal which he also notices in Preeti’s hands. And takes the woman to the side. KT considers the woman as Preeti and tells her that he wants to tell her the truth which is that she has a misunderstanding about his marriage and that he is happy in her married life. While his wife does not live with him and he also does not know where she lives.

KT adds that the world thinks that his wife is in London, but the truth is that neither does he know where his wife is and neither of us is in touch. That’s when KT hears Preeti’s voice coming from another direction. And looks at the woman who is standing in front of him. Kusum raises her veil and KT is shocked to see her. Kusum tells him that he spreads happiness in the life of the people while he is so sad. KT is sad that he had stirred up so much courage but it is of no use as Preeti did not hear anything.

KT tells that Preeti has told everyone about his happy married life, due to which he is feeling insecure. Kusum tells KT that he doesn’t tell Preeti anything or else Preeti will have a problem. KT agrees with her and decides that he will not tell Preeti anything. Kusum lightens KT’s mood. They leave from there. While Rati listen to everything and think about taking advantage of it.

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