Anupamma 9 November 2020 Written Update : Vanraj and Kavya shares a romantic moment while Jayesh is in a critical situation

At the beginning of the episode, Kavya asks Vanraj if they can go to the new Japanese restaurant on a date tomorrow. Vanraj only says yes while he is focused elsewhere. Kavya gets angry and asks him to go home. She angrily says that his body is here but mind elsewhere. Vanraj asks Kavya not to get irritated because he is already suffering a lot. Kavya says that she is also upset but Vanraj does not see any problem other than him.

Vanraj tells her to make her happy that he will stay with her tonight. Kavya is happy to hear this. On the other hand, Nandni tells Samar that she likes him very much. Samar becomes very happy and dances. Vanraj calls Jayesh and tells him that he will not come home today due to office work. Jayesh gives this information to Anupama.

Leela says that Anupama is the reason for all this which makes her son stay out of the house. Jayesh asks Leela not to come between Anupama and Vanraj. Later, This topic brings the debate between the two. Due to which Jayesh’s health worsens and he gets a heart attack. Everyone is shocked to see this. Anupama goes to him and asks Pakhi to call Vanraj. But Vanraj didn’t pick up his phone. On top of that Samar and mamaji are not even at home.

There, Vanraj asks Kavya to make tea for him. Kavya says that she is making coffee for herself, can he drinks the same. Vanraj feels bad after hearing this but does not say anything. Vanraj is about to check his phone and Kavya stops him.

Anupama asks Pakhi if Vanraj picked up the phone. Pakhi says no. An assistant doctor tells Anupama that Jayesh is in a very bad condition and they will have to get Jayesh admitted to the hospital as soon as possible. Then Samar and Mamaji come there and Samar brings Jayesh to the hospital. Paritosh learns about Jayesh’s critical condition. He goes to the hospital.

There the doctor tells them that they will have to get Jayesh treated. Anupama tells Paritosh and Samar to call Vanraj. But Vanraj’s phone goes off. The doctor calls Anupama and tells her that Jayesh will have to undergo an operation. Anupama asks the doctor if there is no other option. Doctors say they can give medicines but the operation is the best option. Anupama is in a state of confusion.

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