Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9 November 2020 Written Update: Naira’s shocking decision

At the beginning of the episode, Manish, Naksh, and Kartik went to see Aditya, and suddenly the police arrived at the location. Manish was confused about how did they come here. All were scared in the home. Alekh was wondering that no one spoke a single word after coming home. Naira was calming down everyone by saying that nothing will happen as it was not done intentionally. Vansh told them that he was very much scared and told everyone to run from there. But Kairav stopped him from doing that.

Naira was calling Kartik suddenly her mirror image started asking her how she will save Kairav this time. Naira gets panicked and speechless. Suddenly Kartik called her and told her that police has arrived and the phone disconnected. All were scared after listening to the word police from Naira’s mouth. Manish told that he would not go close to Aditya because he doesn’t want any involvement in this case. Suddenly Kartik saw the police was coming from the opposite side towards him.

Naira told Kirti that the police has arrived there and decide to go there and check out what actually is happening. Kairav saw her leaving the house, went to her, and hug her tightly. Anyhow Naira convinces him and gets out there.

Manish heard the police was scolding the manager for mismanagement of parking again and again. All the children were praying to God and requesting him to help us. Kartik and Naksh were convincing Manish that they should discuss everything with the police, but Manish denied and said, we will not do such things.

Naira and Kirti reached there and saw the police was interrogating Kartik and gets scared. Naira came and started saying sorry to the police, and suddenly Kartik misguided by saying that Naira has parked the car in the wrong path. Naira was also convincing Manish that they should discuss all these things with the police. But Manish was not allowing anyone to do so. Suddenly a policeman discovered the body of Aditya and shouted to His senior.

Devyani was feeling very unlucky and telling that. Naira is suffering from a bad time. Police were examining the body and told to collect the information about Aditya. Suddenly Aditya took deep breaths and opened his eyes, and on asking from the police, Aditya pointed towards Goenka’s and said their children have dome this to me.

Episode end

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