Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 11 June 2021 Spoiler -Amrit help a man

In the upcoming episode, Amrit will go to temple. She will pray there and ask if she can stay happy. The chunri will fall on her. She will get happy and smile. She later see a man. She will take him to the hospital. Then she will dance in the hospital for that patient. That man will look surprised seeing her.

Why the man is surprised to see Amrit?

Up till now, Amrit tells Veer that she could have told everything to Rani Maa. But since Rani maa would get sad, she did not tell anything. Veer takes her with him and pours water on her and asks why was she getting wet with Randhir if she was so worried about him. He asks her to hug him. Amrit doesn’t do any such thing. Veer angrily leaves. Veer asks him to hit him so that they know how strong he is. Randhir is ready for this. Both of them start fighting. Amrit is shocked to see this and asks Randhir to calm down. While both of them faint. In a state of unconsciousness, Veer says that he will kill Randhir. Amrit wants to go to meet Randhir. She thinks she can’t go. That’s why she calls for Khatm Singh and Babu but no one comes. So Amrit herself decides to go. She applies ointment to his injury. Randhir says in a state of unconsciousness that he should not have met Amrit.

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