Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 16 June 2021 Spoiler -Veer tries to harm a innocent man

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Amrit will find her old dairy which also known as Ranjana. She will later find out that she and Randhir’s relative is still alive. She will go to Randhir and inform him of everything. After this, they will go to meet him. While will try to harm Randhir’s relative.

How will Randhir save his family member?

Up till now, Rani maa tells Amrit that she knows that her son loves her a lot. She gives money to her saying that she knows Amrit loves money and she loves her son. Amrit takes the money and leaves from there. Rani maa believes that Amrit can do anything for money. There, people are waiting for Veer. Mohan tries to provoke them against Veer. He uses bad words for Veer saying that Veer won’t care for their time and he won’t come here. Amrit comes there and informs all of that Veer is not feeling well enough. Thus he didn’t come here. And wants them to forgive him. Mohan again tries to spill nonsense but Amrit shuts him up. She says to villagers that Veer wants to give them some gold coins so that they can do their fieldwork properly. They all get so happy and say that they will come here later. Rani maa is impressed by Amrit’s actions and Amrit furthermore promises that she will make Veer a good man. Rani maa nods. Later Veer wonders who came here to frighten him. After this, a shooter tries to shoot Veer and that Shooter is Viyandra’s son.