Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 7 June 2021 Spoiler – Randhir hurts Veer

In the upcoming episode, Randhir will shower flowers on Amrit in anger. He will sit next to her. Veer will be filled with anger seeing them together. He will shout at Randhir. Both will fight. Randhir will injure Veer. Amrit will ask Randhir to stop.

Will Randhir leave Veer?

Up till now, Veer and Amrit step into the mandap. Amrit puts a garland around Veer’s neck. Randhir’s eyes get moist. He remembers the moments he shared with Amrit. While Amrit is performing the wedding rituals with Veer.Although Amrit also has pain in the eyes, she cannot share her pain with anyone. She feels bad to remember that she had slapped Randhir and levelled allegations against him. Next Randhir performs the ritual of an alliance. Vasma and Uday are sad to see Randhir’s condition. They asks Randhir to come with them but he refuses. Later he recalls the moments he spent with Amrit. While Amrit and Veer completes their wedding ritual.