Meet 19th August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Ahlawat family feeling the world slip out from their feet after hearing that they cannot get the donor organ from Ambala due to the strike.

However, Meet Hooda is determined to keep Raj alive and well and asks the doctor if she can go and bring the donor organ from the Ambala hospital.

The doctor tells Meet Hooda that he will call the Ambala Hospital and will tell them to expect her arrival.

Once again, the doctor reminds her that the organ donor should reach the hospital within four hours otherwise it might be too late.

Meet Hooda thanks the doctor and goes with Tej on her way to Ambala.

However, they get stuck in traffic and finally reach the Ambala hospital around 2 pm.

Meet Hooda rushes inside the hospital and the staff helps her load the donor organ into the ambulance saying that it will help her reach Mumbai faster.

Meet Hooda sees her watch and panics after realizing that she has less than an hour to reach the main hospital for Raj’s surgery.

She manages to convince the driver to give her the keys and starts driving at a fast speed.