Naagin 5 10 January 2021 written update – Veer forgets Bani!

At the beginning of the episode, the man shows Bani that once he saved her. Bani recalls everything and says so at that time the light saved, was he? He nods. Bani asks him to tell her his real identity. He says soon he will reveal everything. He goes to a party spot and tells everyone that Bani is asking about his identity. He sings a song to tell about him. Bani got it and says to he is an angel. He nods. Bani says but why you tell everyone that you’re an angel. He asks her not to worry. He takes Bani with him and does magic on everyone and people forget what that man has said. Bani looks shocked. Ponky says why music turns off. He goes.

Veer wonders where is Bani. He goes to find her but Daksh gives him a drink and makes him stop from going anywhere. The stranger says he came here to remained her about her revenge. Bani says she knows everything but every wishful eagle are not bad. He says but some eagles are still bad. Bani says yes and soon she will punish them. He says Bani only knows how to speak but in reality she didn’t do anything. Bani wants to speak but he goes. Bani goes to temple to get her answers. Bani calls Panditain. She notices Baba. She asks him about Panditain. Baba tells her Panditain is not here. He goes to find her. Bani asks him about that angle but he says nothing and leaves. Bani asks Lord Shiva to help her. That’s when a Pandit came and asks Bani to listen to her heart. Bani did the same and got to know that Veer is made for her. Bani goes and that Pandit takes the form of Lord Shiva and stays in the temple. There Veer is worried about Bani. That’s when she came. Veer asks where she is. Bani says she gets lost. Veer asks then why didn’t you call me I will rescue you.

Bani asks him can he hug her. Veer gets shocked and hugs her. They share a beautiful moment. Veer asks her to say those three magical words. Bani says you can’t handle that much so I will say those words later. Veer says he will remain her. There, Ponky, Daksh and others are playing the game. Bani and Veer join them. Bani tells Ponky soon she will punish her. Ponky gets shocked. Daksh asks him what happened. He says nothing. Later at night, the man comes to harm Veer but he lost it as Bani already sift him and other members of the family. The man says she wants to save Bani then he will give her punishment. In the morning, everyone thanks Bani for throwing a trip for them. Veer comes and Dahak asks him to thanks Bani. Veer says who is Bani? He even calls her maid and asks her to make black coffee for him. Bani stands still. He teaches him how to make coffee. Bani wonders what is happing. While a stranger came and tells Bani that he did it all to punish her. He threatened her and leaves. Bani too leaves while Jay comes. He says he will make Bani’s life hell. There, Daksh and Ponky tell Balwant and others that Veer forgets Bani now she can’t threaten them. Daksh asks Bani to tells them what they should do next. On the other hand, Bani tells Veer that she is his wife. Veer looks on.

Veer says he recalls everything. Bani asks really. He says he knows his brother asks her to do so. He goes and scolds them. Tapish tells him Bani is his wife. Veer gets shocked. He asks Bani to stay away from him. Bani tries to make him understand but he scolds her.

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