Naagin 5 16 January 2021 written update – Bani kill Veer’s uncle

At the beginning of the episode, Angle says Veer is not a good guy he knows about his families doing. Bani thinks what he wants to say. He leaves. Jay says his parcel will come soon so he tells about this to Daksh and Ponky. He says this can create a rift between Veer and Bani. Veer and others are about to leave for a picnic. Veer asks about Ritu. Daksh and Ponky say Ritu is the mother of their girls. Ritu calls him son-in-law. Mehak and Dehak ask her not to call him son-in-law. Ritu apologises. He then notices Tapish with Meera. Tapish tells him she is his fiance. Later a parcel arrives for Veer. But Bani doesn’t want to leave him open. She thinks angle send this to him to harm him. She tries to stop him.

He shouts on her and calls her house servant. He asks her to go and do your work. Bani gets teary. She stands alone. Balwant comes to her. He asks her not to leave Veer. He says at first he wants to kill her and wants to get her powers but now he wants that she lives with Veer. She changed Veer for good thus he wants Bani and Veer stay together. Bani says she has no faith on him but she won’t leave Veer at any cost. Later she got rudraksh mala of Panditain. She calls her to asks her if she came here to meet her. But Panditain’s phone attended by Sapera baba. She asks where is Panditain. Baba says Panditain is not here. Bani gets taken aback. Baba thinks to tell Bani everything. There, Veer gets ready for the party. He wants to check out girls at the party. Daksh informs Jay that they are coming towards the party venue. Jay says fine. There then a girl coming towards Jay. Bani arrives at her house. Bani notices some blood. She thinks angle harm Veer.

She steps forward and then she sees angle. She asks him if he hurt Veer. He says no. He takes her along with him. Bani notice injured uncle. She tries to save him but he split nonsense. Which make Bani angry and she kills him. Angke says he now will give punishment to Veer. Bani wants to save him. She stops him in midway. Veer gets angry. He asks her to leave. He holds her and put her aside. He notices her tears. He gets sad but still leaves. Monika asks Jay about Veer. That is when Veer came. Monika is all set to flirt with Veer.

Bani thinks how to save Veer as she can’t even able to take the form of adinagin. She notices angle on car’s roof. She asks Lord Shiva to hell her. There Monika flirts with Veer but he sees Bani in her. Veer asks Monika to dance with him. Monika gets angry. Bani comes to the club. She sees Veer dancing with other women. Tears start falling from her eyes. While Veer keeps recalling Bani. Daksh and Ponky made him drink alcohol. Veer sees Bani everywhere. Veer thinks what spell Bani uses on him that he only sees her. Jay asks Daksh and Ponky to spike Veer’s drink. Bani tries to move forward Veer. Jay asks what is doing here. Daksh says they don’t know why she came here. Bani goes to that girl and asks her to leave her Veer otherwise she will slap her. Veer pushed her and asks what she wants. Episode end.

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