Naagin 5 17 January 2021 written update – Veer is in danger

At the beginning of the episode, Monika is trying to get close with Veer while Veer asks her to leave him. She didn’t listen to him. That is when Bani came and make her leave the house. Monika leaves the room in anger. Duo then gets close to each other. Later in the morning Veer gets shocked. Bani makes him remember everything. Veer calls her stalker. He says he doesn’t want to get close with Monika but it doesn’t mean he has his eyes on her. He asks Bani to leave him alone. Bani says she can’t leave him alone, she is his wife, and this is about their love then how can she leave him. When Bani refuses to accept his wish then he pushes Bani away from him. Bani falls on a table and her hand gets hurt.

Veer notices her injury. He takes cares of her hand by putting medicine. Ponky and Daksh ask Jay about Veer. They ask where are pictures. Jay tells them their plan gets flopped. That is when the angel came. He spills magic on everyone. Jay hides from him. Angle asks Daksh and Ponky where is Veer. They tell him. He goes from there. Jay says so the angle is behind Veer then to hell with his plan, first, he needs to follow angle. He goes behind him. There Bani and Veer get into danger. Angle tries to harm Veer. Bani asks Lord Shiva to help her.

She says when God knows she is not wrong then he should help her out. By God’s grace Bani remove the trap of angle. She then stops the angle. He asks her to leave from here otherwise he won’t leave her too. Bani stands still. Angle gets angry he says to Bani then die. He holds her neck. Then harm Veer. Bani stabs him. She says sorry and adds if you want to kill somebody then kill me but don’t harm my love. Veer comes into his senses. At first, he recalls everything but then again forgets Bani and asks Ponky and Daksh make this girl far away from him. Bani gets teary. She calls Jay and asks him to meet her.

Angle says he gets lost because Bani truly love Veer and only love can finish them. Sapera baba wants to meet Bani. He goes to her house and thinks before Jay can see him he need to tell Bani his truth. Bani asks Jay to give her his car. Jay doesn’t want to give her. Bani says fine she will take the form of Nagin and leave by herself. Jay says you still have an injury on your hand I will drop you. Ponky calls Jay. He tells him about sapera baba. Jay thinks why baba came at Veer’s house. He should make him stay away from Bani so he lies to Bani and asks her to use behind the door as Veer don’t want to see her. Bani says fine. There Veer asks Balwant to do something and make that Bani leave him.

He asks why Balwant don’t expel her from their house. Balwant says he will help her. He says he is in pain he can’t handle that Bani around him. His head starts hurting whenever she lingers around him. Balwant says don’t worry Veer we will do something. Balwant asks Daksh to call Pawan. He says he is not attending his call. They say let go and sees where is he. Balwant asks Veer to stay calm we will get back soon. Bani who hear everything gets teary seeing Veer in pain. She then notices the angle. She goes to him and apologises to him saying she doesn’t want to harm but to save Veer she injured him. Bani thinks to help him. But her magic won’t work on him. Angle apologises to Bani for his mistake and praises her love.

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