Naagin 5 19 December 2020 written update – Bani and Veer share some good moments

At the beginning of the episode, Veer comes to Bani, he calls her. Bani asks him to come to her if his anger gets down. She adds she put everything here with love and wants to tell her that she feels sorry that she hurt him. Veer enters the room and blows every candle out there as Bani tells him that every candle means sorry. Veer tells her that he blow them out as now she doesn’t need to feel sorry. He takes one candle and tells her that she didn’t blow it because this for him as he feels sorry for what he did earlier.

Bani forgives him and tells him that she really wants to be with him. Veer feels good and asks her to get ready as they are going for dinner. Bani says but dinner is ready. Veer tells her that he wants to spend some time with her alone. He lifts her in his arms. They later come to a store. Bani says why they are here? Veer act like he did wrong by bringing her here but then he turn on the lights and Bani notice beautiful decoration which Veer did for her. He takes out a champagne bottle. Bani says she can’t drink, only one sip makes her high. Veer turns on music.

Bani shouts while he is pouring champagne into the glass. Bani asks him to hear her. He turns off the music and says don’t worry wife no one can harm her, he is here for her. She gulps the champion and makes faces after facing that bitter taste. Later both dance romantically. Suddenly champagne pours out and Veer says it’s a bad omen. Bani laughs and asks really. Suddenly raining starts. Veer asks her to come inside but Bani wants to enjoy the rain. Veer to join her. There Balwant and others meet Chandarkala. Balwant laughs at Chandarkala’s conditions.

There, Bani feels cold. Jay gives her his shirt to change. And when he looks at her, he gets mesmerized. She goes near to her. Bani too takes her steps towards him. Veer says he wants to tell her something. Bani asks what. Veer tells that his shirt looks good on her body. Bani slips she asks Veer to save her but he didn’t. He says he didn’t save her because she is falling on the bed. Bani says you’re lying. Veer asks if she gets drunk while calling her Miss Bani Sharma. Bani takes her hand out. Veer hold it. She pulled him down. Bani says he is wrong, she is not Miss Bani, she is Mrs. Bani Viranshu Singhania. Veer says she is late as he already becomes hers by showing his ring. Bani shows him her hand. He notices his name in her hand. Bani says she is also his.

Bani says this time she wants his name on her hands. This put smile on Veer’s face. He kisses her hand and also her forehead. Both share romantic moments. Chandarkala asks Balwant if he feels happy now after seeing her like this. Balwant asks her to put down her ego as he can help her. She says she will do anything if he helps her. Balwant smirks and tries to save her but Shiv Ji’s Trishul pushed them down. Chandarkala says you guys are eagles so do it. Daksh tries to do it but can’t. They then leave. There, Chandarkala’s spell again controls Veer and he misbehaves with Bani.

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