Qurbaan Hua 19 December 2020 Written Update – Neel and Meera meet once again

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat went inside the house, and Vyas Ji asked Chahat about Neel. Then Meera entered the house, and everyone was a little surprised to see her. Godhmbhari asked Chahat to introduce her, then Chahat said she is my Delhi friend, and her hotel booking got canceled, and she would live here with us for a few days. Chahat asked Vyas Ji for his permission then Vyas said he has no problem with it and said, Chahat to get ready for the puja and bring her friend also with her.

Meera asked Chahat what Mohini puja is for. Godhmbhari giggled and said Chahat is also like you, unaware about all this thing as she also belongs to the city. Chahat acknowledged Meera about that puja in detail and the. Vyas Ji told Godhmbhari to think twice before saying anything. Meera told Chahat that she does not have any traditional clothes for the Puja. Chahat told her not to worry as I will give her one. Godhmbari said slowly that she has to keep an eye on this girl Vyas Ji and Jamunaparshad was just behind her and heard this, then Godhmbhari said I was telling because I felt something is fishy.

Neel came back home Vyas Ji asked where he got stuck and how did he get this injury. Neel said children were playing cricket, and accidentally the ball got hit on his head. Neel was trying to tell Vyas Ji that he can not do this pooja as Chahat will not come back, suddenly he noticed Chahat slippers and stopped saying that To Vyas Ji. Then he realized that God had done right by sending her back to me and thought of confessing his love to Chahat. Neel went inside the house and started searching for her. Then Neel got confused between Meera and Chahat.

Neel hugged Meera from the back and confessed his love, then Meera turned, and Neel got surprised to see her. Suddenly Vyas Ji called Neel, and he went off from there. Meera felt something strange as she did not found any excitement in him of meeting her. Neel cam across Chahat and saw her with love for few minutes, and then Chahat grasped Neel’s collar and asked him how dare to left her alone. Suddenly Godambhari interpreted and told Chahat to have a look at the arrangements of the Puja.

Jamunaparshad and Neel welcomed the guests. Meera was watching Neel and recalled how he confessed his love. Godhmbhari told Meera to stand another side as here only married women can stand. Meera told her that his boyfriend is also present here and he had promised her that today he would Marry her on this puja. Chahat was feeling uncomfortable with this puja proceeding as she is from another religion. Vyas Ji told all the gents to put Sindur on their wife’s forehead.

Neel was moving ahead, and Meera was also coming towards him, but Neel crossed her and went to Chahat. Meera dropped her puja plate and went off from there. Meera called Neel aside by calling him and then said I waited for you for so long, and you played with me. Chahat noticed them arguing and went near them and got to know about the truth. Meera said I was dumb who believed in your words, and I came so far for you. Meera was about to slap Neel, but Chahat held her hand.

Episode end

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