Shaadi Mubarak 19 December 2020 Written Update – Preeti defeats Nandni

At the beginning of the episode, Kusum greets Kusala. Kusala says she busy so she will talk to her later. Kusum says she wants her little much of time. Kusala says KT must invite you, but she can’t talk to her forcefully. Kusum says but she wants to discuss something important. She asks her why she hurt Juhi by saying that she needs to call her mom as mam. Even when she used to love her son a lot then how can she separate a mother and daughter?

Kusala asks if she is done. Kusum says not yet, she now wants to talk about Preeti. She tells how Preeti helped KT when he is in need and when both Preeti and she wants KT’s happiness then why not she joint her hands with Preeti. Kusala ignores her and excuse herself while Kusum stands still. There, Neel tells his about Priyanka. He tells that Priyanka is a very intelligent and hardworking woman. If he got good marks in his exam then it will happen due to her. Sneha appreciates Priyanka while Kusala came and taunts her saying that only she and her family know to trap rich people.

Priyanka gets upset. Neel apologizes to her on the behalf of Kusala. Priyanka angrily says it is okay, you just need to attend another guest so go there don’t bother about me. While KT gifts Arjun a car which he likes a lot. There, Nandni locks Preeti. She beats the door and calls Neel and KT. She goes towards the window and from there she notices KT is standing with Nandni. She says this can’t happen, she needs to do something or else KT will break after knowing Nandni’s trick. She breaks the window glass and throws her bangle towards the KT. KT looks on.

KT looks into Nandni’s eyes and then looks here and there. He recalls that this bangle he gave to Preeti. He whispers Preeti and then removes the mask from Nandni’s face. Everyone gets a shock. While KT runs towards his room. Nandni looks on. KT open the door. Preeto hugs KT. KT asks who did it? Preeti says nothing. KT says Nandni is behind all this. He says he will not leave her.

Preeti tells if he says something to Nandni then Arjun gets upset so he must bear Nandni. She adds she will not let him break so don’t worry. Later they go down and KT introduces Preeti as his wife. Preeti greets Kusum and others. Juhi hugs her tight. Preeti asks if she is okay. Juhi says yes, she just feel like hugging her tight. There, KT uses some beautiful words for Preeti but Preeti knows that he is lying.

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