Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19 December 2020 Written Update – Naira learns the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Ridihma revealed the trust that Naira and Akshara stay just above this place and that old aunt is Naira itself. Kairav went upstairs and started ringing the bell. Naira opened the gate Kairav went inside, and saw the flat and told Naira that, why you did not come to meet me as I was missing you so much and hugged Naira, and noticed Ridhima and thanked her for revealing the truth.

Naira and Kartik also thanked Rudhima for solving this issue. Kartik told Ridhima that he would book her tickets for the US. Naira noticed Ridhima a little upset. Naksh came back home Surekha asked him about Luv and Kush when he told her that they are working in the office. Surekha started telling him do not to treat them like the staff as they are well educated.

Ridhima came back home started crying and breaking things, and started telling them that she will make a good family with Kairav and Kartik and thought of not going to the US. Naira heard some noise coming from Ridhima’s flat. Kirti came forward and said Surekha to sorry to Naksh. Manish said Surekha that Naksh is just helping us because Kartik has given him the responsibility to take care of us. Akhilesh shouted at Surekha and apologies to Naksh. Ridhima saw on her phone that Kartik has seeded her the tickets and started screaming.

Naira noticed someone was peeping from that side Kartik said, this is your illusions as you used to do like this for so many months. Naira and Kartik made Kairav sleep by reciting a lorry. Ridhima thought of jot going back and to do something. Kairav made a card for Ridhima suddenly, Kairav’s friend came and called Kairav for football.

Naira told the maid to go with him and take care of him. Kartik asked Naira what is going on in her mind, but she denied it. That boy came and took a chocolate from Ridhima for calling Kairav. Naira went to Ridhima bit she was jot there in her flat, and the door was open. Naira came across the license of Ridhima, which was canceled.

Episode end

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