Naagin 6 24 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Reem requests that Ritesh handle the child saying she can’t deal with her. Pratha declares to everybody that today she will wed Rajesh. Reem and Rishabh feel frustrated. Urvashi compliments them and asks how might they set up for sure-fire marriage. Rajesh says I don’t stress as my aunt is orchestrating plans for marriage in the haveli.

Later Urvashi requests that Mehek oversee others and she goes with Reem to give 2 days of food to Shakti. They give him food. Jwala calls Pratha and gets some information about marriage. Pratha tells her it’s phony marriage. Shakti sees Pratha while Urvashi locks the entryway and yells at Deepika. Reem contemplates why he is calling Kiara as Deepika. Urvashi conceals keys however Reem takes them. Urvashi sends Pratha. Reem becomes more acquainted with Deepika is the beauty queen of Shakti. Reem comprehended that Kiara is Shakti’s beauty queen and she chooses to utilize Shakti to stop the marriage of Kiara so she can get Rajesh. She lets her mother know that she will come later after her nail spa is finished.

Reem illuminates Shakti about Kiara’s marriage. He yells in disappointment. Reem lets him know the scene area and requests that he stop the marriage. Rajesh and Pratha carry Rishabh and his family to the haveli they are getting hitched. Rishabh tells it’s delightful haveli. Pratha figures he doesn’t realize that he came here to bite the dust. Divya inquires as to whether they know the genuine story of the haveli. Rajesh tells her nobody knows it.

Rajesh makes them meet his auntie. Rajesh takes Pratha with him to show her the lady’s room. Rishabh gazes at them. Meheh holds his hand. He envisions Pratha with him. He eliminates Mehek’s hand understanding it’s her. Reem goes to Haveli and sits tight for Shakti. Shakti lets his drawing know that he is coming to get her.

Rehan requests that Divya show their haveli to him. Mehek acclaims the haveli look. Urvashi says Shakti is separated from everyone else and doesn’t have the foggiest idea what he could do. Mehek requests that she not ruin her state of mind by taking Shakti’s name. Shakti emerges from the structure. Mehendi of Pratha/Kiara gets everything rolling. Rehan and others perform. Pratha ponders her minutes with Rishabh. Mehendi craftsman gets some information about her future spouse’s name. Pratha says Rishabh. Another side Rishabh drinks wine. Mehek requests that he join her. Rishabh tells her he will join her later. Mehendi craftsman lets Pratha know that she composed Rishabh’s name. Pratha gets stunned and inquires as to why she composed his name. Mehendi craftsman says you told me. Pratha proceeds to wash his name. She thinks today she will kill Rishabh. She requests that a Mehendi craftsman cover Rishabh’s name and compose Raj’s name. Mehendi craftsman makes it happen.

Shakti goes to the store to buy a wedding dress. He picks one dress after numerous preliminaries. The director asks him to lay the bill. Shakti leaves beating him. Everybody in the haveli is occupied with their dance exhibitions Shakti requests that the taxi driver take him to Deepika’s wedding. The taxi driver says she is hitched to Ranveer. Shakti beats him and leaves taking his taxi. Their kin record it.

At the party, Naagin signs Pratha that she will go about her responsibilities. Vijay gets a video of Shakti. He figures how might a military official can do along these lines? He goes to capture Rishabh yet learns they went to haveli for marriage. Rehan sees Vivaan and lets him know that he will kill her. Vivaan says he is as of now dead. Rehan sees he is dead and runs from that point. Rishabh sees him and follows him.

Rehan goes to the police headquarters expecting Naagin can’t enter the station. Yet, they won’t keep him in the station. Rishabh asks Rehan for what valid reason he came to the station. Rehan says I completed two killings and Pratha is blameless. Rishabh asks what’s he talking about. Rehan acknowledges what he doing. He says he said in a plastered state and lets him know that they can get back to Haveli.

Pratha informs Gauri concerning her arrangement of killing Rishabh. Mehek sees Vijay at the party and inquires as to why he came. Vijay tells her he came to capture Rishabh. Mehek asks what Rishabh did. Vijay shows her the video. Mehek understands it’s Shakti and contemplates how he got gotten away from his room? She demands Vijay to not cause any situation at the haveli and she swears on his adoration for her.

Vijay says you’re similar to a Naagin and I lament cherishing a cultured you and you could have done without your sister Pratha who is blameless. Rishabh hears everything. Vijay says Pratha loves Rishabh however you bamboozled her and wedded Rishabh.

Mehek says she merits it and she requests that he get out. Vijay sees Rishabh. He goes to the call of Jwala. Jwala requests that Vijay leave the manor as something important will occur in the haveli. Vijay concurs and leaves. Rishabh asks Mehek for what good reason Vijay stick. She doesn’t say anything and leaves. Rishabh recalls everything.