Nagin 17 October -The fight between Jai and Sakura

Jai asks Shukla if everything is going as planned. Shukla says yes. Mayuri says that Veer looks gorgeous as Akesh too. And if she had been the place of the serpent, she would have left Jai for Veer. Jai says but after Adinagin dies, he will have all her powers. Mayuri says but what if he betrayed him. Jai says that he has the keys of his freedom so he will not cheat them. Also Jai tells that Veer will also die in 2 days.

Akesh means Veer take Bani the sky. He says Bani is a worm crawling on the ground then she should go there. Shukla also brings Jai and Mayuri to the same place where Veer and Bani are. Shukla gives them an arrow that has poison on it which can kill Adinagin as well. Veer throws Bani from the sky. Jai, Shukla and Mayuri take the position. But on time Veer saves Bani from falling. And Shukla Jai ​​and Mayuri run away from there. Bani tells Veer i.e. Sakura why he saved her. Sakura says because he doesn’t want to kill her in his area.

Jai is angry that Sakura saved Bani. Jai scolds him when Sakura comes there. Sakura says he will do whatever he wants. Jai says then he will not give him the key of his freedom. Sakura gets angry and tells him not to threaten like this. Shukla prevents them from fighting as they need each other in the end. Sakura angrily leaves from there.

Bani is changing clothes in her room. Sakura comes into the room. He looks at Bani. He asks if he can help her. Bani calls him shameless. He says what is shameless about it, he is her husband. Bani says that she is so angry that she should capture him. Sakura gets angry on this and breaks the door itself. And says change it now. Bani says that if she had not been bound by the rules, she would have killed him.

Balwant and Daksha come to know that the red stone is missing and they ask Veer about it. Veer says that he knows nothing about it. Bani overhears them and hides the red stone. And she prepares the beekeeper so that Sakura will get bothered by it and attack her. Sakura tells Jai about the stone and Jai goes to the temple to find the stone and steals the Pandit’s things.

Sakura approaches Bani and transforms Bani’s bees into bulbula. Bani slips and falls in his arm. Sakura stares at her. Mayuri notices all this and tells Jai. Jai says that Bani is so beautiful that anyone goes crazy after her but he doesn’t mind it. Balwant tells Veer about a threat. Episode end.

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