Qurbaan Hua 18 October : Neel puts on an act

At the beginning of the episode, Neel dragged out Chahat from the house. Neel asked Hobo to bring a tent house for Chahat. Gazala was praising her beauty and comparing herself with Chahat. Then Naveli came and thanked Gazala for her help and acknowledged her about the broken relationship. Neel explained to Hobo about all the incidents and then said he just plotted a trap for the culprit who has done this act from Chahat’s phone. Hobo stated teasing Neel by saying that he is in love with Chahat.

Chahat was shivering outside the house. Naveli and Gazala were observing her and feeling happy seeing Chahat in this condition. Suddenly Neel noticed that snowfall started, and Chahat might get sick. Immediately Neel collected a few frames and indirectly helped Chahat to get some relief from the cold. Then Neel talked to her Wind-chain and said that he must protect her as she has also saved him from many situations. Then Neel set the alarm and says goodnight to Wind-chain.

The next morning Chahat was doing Namaz in the garden, and on the other side, Vyas Ji was pouring water towards the sun. Vyas Ji started moving towards Chahat to bring the foods for pigeons. Neel waked up and noticed Vyas Ji was moving towards Chahat. He immediately went there and prevented him from seeing Chahat. Then Chahat heard Vyas Ji’s voice and immediately escaped from there. All were having their lunch. Neel called Chahat inside the house. Chahat happily came at the main door, there Neel gave him a bag and said to make her meals in the cowshed. Chahat gets upset and starts crying.

Chahat went there in the cow shed and started crying and talking to herself. In a few moments, Gazala came with a plate in which stake food was present. Chahat denied eating that. Then Chahat saw utensils and decided to cook for herself. As soon as Chahat light up the fire, she noticed cooked food was already present in the utensils. Then Neel came and acknowledged her about his plan and said sorry for the rude behavior. Chahat started beating Neel and then hugged her tightly.

Parmukh told Jamunaparshad not to worry about that message, as he has talked to Gourishankar that he will not disclose this incident anywhere. Chahat also calmed Jamunaparshad and said he would find a good guy for Naveli better than the previous one. Neel’s phone rang; as his hands were wet, he asked Naveli to put it on speaker. On the other side, Hobo spoke in a heavy voice and pretended to be an inspector and said that one man has seen someone stealing a phone from your room, and he has also clicked few pics as proof. And he asked Neel to come and verify the person. Gazala and Naveli got stunned and looked at each other. Jamunaprsahd felt sorry for Chahat and requested Neel to bring her back into the house.

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