Yeh Hain Chahtein 17 October :Yuvraj get to know about Kirti’s plan

At the beginning of the episode, Saransh surprises Preesha by completing all his homework and online classes. Then Saransh asked about the concert to Preesha. Saransh asked about Rudrakash and started insisting on bringing him in the room, as he wants to play with him. Then Preesha said Rudrakash is completing his Rehearsal with Kirti, then Saransh was about to go Kirti’s room, but Preesha stopped him and told him to change his clothes, and she will call Rudrakash for him. When Preesha went to Kirti’s room, she found Rudrakash shirtless and Kirti was wearing Rudrakash Shirt seeing this Preesha gets little shocked. Then Preesha told him that Saransh is asking for him, the. Rudrakash said her leave, and he is coming after changing the cloth. Yuvraj was observing everything from his room and feeling happy for all the actions.

Preesha came back, and Saransh was waiting from him at the door. Within a couple of seconds, Rudrakash also came there. Saransh was little upset from Rudrakash as he didn’t give time to him today. But Rudrakash promised him that tomorrow he would come as soon as possible after the concert. Then Saransh hugged Rudrakash and went to bed. Saransh requested Rudrakash to sing a song for him. Preesha sitting on the couch was feeling happy to see Rudrakash and Saransh together.

Yuvraj went to Kirti’s room and said that he wanted to discuss something about the concert. Then Yuvraj started flirting with her and saying that she is a better singer than Rudrakash. Kirti got irritated from his behaviour and slapped Yuvraj and pushed him back. Yuvraj noticed Shardha’s pic on which was crossed with a red marker. Then Kirti dragged him out of the room.

Saransh slept, and Rudrakash noticed Preesha was sleeping on the couch and feeling uncomfortable, then Rudrakash went to make her comfortable by putting a pillow under her head, but at the same time, Rudrakash recalled that video clip and left as it was. When Rudrakash was leaving the room, Saransh noticed him and didn’t allow to go.

Next morning all gathered at the reception of the hotel. Rudrakash was waiting for Kirti. When Kirti arrived, Rudrakash started praising her for the dress she was wearing. And then Rudrakash held her hand and said Kirti would go with her. Preesha gets little upset on his gesture. Mishka was also getting jealous of Kirti. Then Balraj said loudly to hurry up and don’t waste time.

Yuvraj paid a big bundle to the manager of the duplicate keys of Kirti’s room. Then he opened the Dower and saw a portrait in which it was written “End of Khurana’s “, and there were everyone’s pictures with the cross mark. Yuvraj clicked a few pics of it and escaped from there. After the concert, Rudrakash making jealous to Preesha said to Kirti that today he would come to her room in the night and complete the pending work. And also said her to be ready with a champion bottle.

Episode ends…

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