Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17 October: Krishna’s adoption

At the beginning of the episode, Naira selected a good name for her baby. Dadi said to keep a different name, but Kirti also supported Naira, and at last, a name was given to the baby. Kartik alerted everyone that now. Its time for a family photo, so everyone was getting ready for the family photograph. Dadi was insisting Manish to assure that in the family photo, only family members should be present. Kartik and Naira were talking to Krishna, and from a distance, Krish saw them All together and felt leftover. Afterwards, Kartik and Naira saw Krish was sitting alone, and asked him to join the family photo, but he denied and said if Krishna would be present, then he will not come. Then Naira explained her very sweetly and said we all are the children of God.

All settled down for the family photo. Suddenly Kartik stopped and said Krishna is missing, then Krishna came and sat beside Naira. Manish gave a facial expression. And Krish also gets a little upset. Naksh and Kirti were also a little uncomfortable for the family photo. Kartik receives a call that in 2 days he has to adopt Krishna legally or else they have to send Krishna back to the orphanage. Naira and Kartik were discussing on this and going upstairs. Krish with other children’s went to his room and found Krishna’s belongings were scattered in the room. Vatsal and Krish make fun of him. Then Kairav packs all her stuff in a bag. Then Krishna came in the room and asked for her stuff, then Krish said her o play with us first.

Naira and Kartik came and found Krishna is playing with Other children’s felt happy and moved towards there room. As soon as they leave, Kairav gets angry on Krishna and gives her bag and ask her to leave form his room. There Naira and Kartik added a photo of Krishna in the family tree. They were feeling relaxed and thinking that Kairav has accepted Krishna as her sister. But they were little tensed about the end result.

Badi Dadi calls Naira and Kirti for there help in preparation for Naksh and Kirti’s anniversary. Kartik gave them an assurance that he will manage all the things. Manish was a little worried about the family because of Krishna. Dadi and Manish were discussing Krishna’s adoption, from the other side, Vatsal heard this and immediately went to Kairav and informed him.

Episode end……

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