Anupamma 17 October : Anirudh wants to marry Kavya

At the beginning of the episode, Vanraj prepares to marry Anupama. While Kavya is waiting for him in the temple. Pandit Ji says that he cannot wait any longer because he has more work and even wedding muhart gone. Kavya tries to stop Panditji, but he does not stop. Then she gets a voice note from Vanraj, in which he is saying that he cannot marry Kavya today, but he promises that tomorrow he will come wherever Kavya says. When Kavya learns that Vanraj cannot attend the wedding, she is shocked, and she falls into a state of unconsciousness. But at the same time, Anirudh comes there and manages Kavya. Kavya sees a glimpse of him and faints. Anirudh is shocked to see Kavya’s condition.

Vanraj is brought to the pavilion; he is checking the phone again and again. Anupama is also brought to the pavilion. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the house. Anupama first sees Vanraj’s face through the plate and then looking at him, glances at him and puts a black tika. Everyone teases Anupama. The ceremony of marriage begins.

Anirudh tries to raise Kavya. Kavya regains her senses and questions whether Nandani sent him here. There, Anupama thanks God because everything is auspicious in Anupama’s life because of them. Rakhi thinks why Kavya and Nandani have not come yet. Then Nandni comes. She asks her about Kavya. She replies that maybe she is stuck in some work. Anirudh tries to convince Kavya that what she was going to do was wrong. He tells Kavya that if she wants, they can marry and start a new life.

Anupama’s mother performs the wedding ceremony ritual. Leela tells Rakhi to learn all this. Rakhi says, yes. Nandni is happy to know that it is good that Kavya did not come there. Paritosh asks her about Kavya. Nandni says that she will be in the temple itself. Anupama and Vanraj worship. Kavya ignores Anirudh’s talk and decides that today she will ask Vanraj whether he needs Kavya in his life or Anupama. Episode end.

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