Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 17 October : Rubina’s heart is in Roshni

At the beginning of the episode, Aman is in his deep thoughts, Roshni comes to him. She talks to Aman about the sword and says that whoever stole your sword is looking at the forces of Aman. Aman says he does not mind because when he will not have any power and he will not be the king of Jinnad, then black stare also will not come to him. And he will live a relaxed life and only live as Roshni’s husband and Armaan’s father.

Rubina gives the sword power to Jhumru and asks him about her heart. Jhumru tells that he was only making a fool of her so that she could do his work. He starts going. Rubina stops him and says that he cannot go on like this. Jhumru says that she cannot do anything now because he is now king. Rubina pours water from the jamuni waterfall on him and takes the sword and kill him with it. Rubina is happy to think that at least she has the power of the king.

Rubina remembers that she has to find her heart before the golden sun day, only then will she get her heart and she will be able to become Ayana. She summons Talwar and asks her to help her and asks her to take her to her heart. Roshni arrives at Rubina’s house. She searches for Rubina, and the sword brings Rubina to Roshni, which makes it clear that she has Rubina’s heart, and she tries to kill Roshni. But three Ayana’s come and stop Rubina. She tells her that they came here to help Roshni. Rubina says that but she only wants to take her heart which is with Roshni. Three Ayana says that they have given heart to Roshni, and as Rubina’s destiny is bad, she is no longer worthy of her heart. Rubina says that Roshni is also not well appointed and she can prove it. Teen Ayana says that if she proves this, they will stop helping Roshni.

Roshni, who was unconscious during this sequence of events, she then wakes up. She looks at Rubina with a devoted look. Rubina asks Roshni how she fainted. Roshni says that the roof of her house fell on her. Rubina says nothing like this has happened. She would have only dreamed. Roshni notices the soil on her and thinks that there is definitely something wrong here. Roshni tells this thing to Rehan and Shayari. They say that they handle it all. Rubina goes with Natasha to the Kali cave where she frees a fire-breathing monster. Rubina says that this is enough to help her.

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