Shaadi Mubarak 17 October :Rati’s disgusting trick succeeded

At the beginning of the episode, KT confronts Preeti and asks her why she lied to him when she already knows that he hates lies. He scolds her and questions her as to what is the reason behind her lying. But this is just KT’s imagination, in reality, he is only sitting on the chair, and Preeti is asking him how he came soon. KT questions her instead of answering and about her sore throat. Preeti says what has happened to her throat, and then she remembers that she lied yesterday. Preeti says her throat is all right now. Preeti notices the check lying on the table and asks what it is. KT tells her that this is their first earning. Preeti is very happy. She keeps the check in the temple and asks God for her blessings. KT doesn’t understand that when Preeti’s personality is so then why did she lie.

Priyanka tells Tarun that if Preeti had not come tomorrow, then his greedy wife would not have escaped but she still has an idea. She has a friend lawyer who can make him divorce Rati without any maintenance. She is calling her friend, but Tarun stops her. Tarun says that due to yesterday, Rati has suspected that Preeti did not organize yesterday’s program but someone else. So they should wait a bit, and once the matter cools down, then they should take another step.

KT says that they should send something else that is unique, not sweets with wedding cards. Preeti says that they should give Hamper with a cute gift. KT likes the idea of ​​Preeti. KT receives her mother’s call who calls him to sign some paper at home. KT tells Preeti that he needs to go home for some work so she should show Gopalani a hamper. Preeti says but how can she go alone. KT says as he went. KT goes from there.

Juhi is cleaning the house. Kusum laughs upon seeing her. Juhi asks her the reason for her laugh. Kusum tells her that she laughed seeing the way she is cleaning. Then Kusum gets a call from Amit’s mother who tells him that Roka will have to postponed as Amit has been in the US for two weeks and he will take more time to come. Kusum tells this to Juhi. Juhi remembers the story of the ring and says that if Amit is not here then who gave a ring to Priyanka.

Preeti explains the whole plan to Gopalani through a video call. Gopalani likes her plan. Chanda calls Preeti and lie to her and ask her to come to her company and then asks her to sign Agreement with her by luring money. Chanda also tells her that she should not waste her hard work on a person like KT, who is a loser. Preeti forbids her to say one more word. Preeti scolds Chand and calls Chanda’s behaviour uncivilized.

While cleaning Juhi caught all the lies of Priyanka as if she works with Tarun and also the colour of the changed nail paints. KT’s mother shows Preeti’s photo with Chanda. Rati tells Tarun that she has trapped Preeti by taking pictures. Preeti says she will never break KT’s trust. Here KT’s mother tells KT to break the contract with Preeti.

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