Barrister babu 16 October : Bondita decides to fight for freedom

In the beginning of the episode, Bondita herself made the idol of Mata Rani and makes her own aarti plate and tells Bhagavan that they have to send her massage to Anirudh that she is very angry at Anirudh. God helps Bondita and the letter of Bondita reaches to Anirudh. Anirudh understands that Bondita’s letter has reached to him as before but he cannot read the words written in the letter, then he decides to dry the wet letter so that he can read something.

Bondita comes to Sampoorna i.e. Haseena and apologizes to her but finds that Sampoorna is not in the room, she leaves to find her. There, Binoy is scolding Bondita’s sister Sampurna as she rested in his house. Trilochan comes and asks why he is getting so angry. Binoy shows him that Sampurna used Anirudh’s room for relaxation. Trilochan is very angry and he slaps Sourav for this and fired him from his job.

Bondita asks about Hasina but no one is telling her anything. Ramya is about to tell Bondita where Hasina is but Suraiya stops her and lies to Bondita that Hasina has gone to her house. At first she is happy to hear this. But then she catches Suraiya’s lie and says that Haseena cannot go anywhere without meeting her. Bondita shouts Sampoorna’s name and tries to find her. Then she finds a coin outside a room which is of Sampoorna. Bondita understands that Sampoorna is here only. Anirudh tries to read the letter when someone knocks on his door and he opens the door. And is shocked to see Mini in front of him.

Bondita discovers Sampoorna and asks Sampoorna why Suraiya lied to her if she is here. Sampoorna says because this place is false and Tara is also not a good person but a devil. Anirudh asks Mini how she came here and who told her that he is here. Mini says that Sourav told her and everyone is very upset so she has come to take him from here. Sampoorna tells that Tara beat her and neither will she send her home nor introduce her to Gandhiji. Anirudh says he will not go anywhere. Mini says then she will also be with him. Anirudh disagrees. Sampoorna says that Tara Bai imprisoned her and now she will not get freedom. Bondita remembers Anirudh saying that he taught her to fight for freedom. And she decides to fight for freedom. Episode end.

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