Qurbaan Hua 17 October : Chahat out from Vyas Ji’s house

At the beginning of the episode, Neel tried to explain to the policeman that they are not whom you are finding. In the same situation, another inspector recognized them and asked the inspector to free them. Chahat takes all the credit in front of Neel that because of her, he left us. As soon as Neel and Chahat reached home and went sleep, Godhambhari started shouting, and immediately all the family members united in one place.

Vyas Ji was talking to Gourishankar Ji and telling him that someone has misguided you, as many peoples are jealous of his position. Godhambhari was crying and yelling loudly that someone has written Gourishankar Ji that Naveli is a characterless girl. Due to which Gourishankar Ji brooked the alliance between Naveli Andy, his son. Jamunaprsahd was sitting speechless.

Chahat told Neel to come aside as she wants to share something. Chahat guessed that this activity would be of Naveli’s boyfriend. Vyas Ji came and told everyone that he tried to convince Gourishankar Ji, but he has already decided to end the relationship. Vyas Ji rudely said whoever has done this has faced big trouble. Then Vyas Ji gave that number to Jamunaparshad from which Gourishankar received that text message. Jamunaprsahd called on that number, and Chahat’s phone started ringing. As soon as Chahat could understand, Godhambhari started shouting and blaming Chahat. Godhambhari and Naveli instigated Vyas Ji. Vyas Ji was very angry and shouted at Chahat and said now he had hidden his face in the market because of her. Vyas Ji said many harsh words to Chahat. There Pramukh and Godhambhari gave a signal to each other and secretly smiling.

Gazala was secretly observing everything and feeling happy from inside. Naveli was also acting of crying in front of Vyas Ji. Chahat sat on her knees and tried to explain to Vyas Ji that she hasn’t done anything. In between, Neel interrupted and grasped Chahat wrist and dragged her out of the house. Neel said to Chahat that she is not a member of this family anymore, and gates for this house are permanently closed for her. Chahat started crying and was confused about how she will prove her innocence.

Episode ends…..

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