Shakti 16 October : Harak and Virat share a beautiful time

At the beginning of the episode, Soham says that he feels Virat has implicated Harak in a false case. Heer replies that if this happens, she will shoot Virat herself, and she can say with confidence that her Virat cannot do anything like this. Preeto says yes, her Virat is just the god of greatness, but they are useless. Preeto tells Rohan to call and find out what is going on. There, Harak is enjoying alcohol with Virat. Virat tells Harak that he had a lot of fun drinking with him. He then asks Harak but what should he do to get him married to Heer. Harak says that there are many such things because he cannot get him married to Heer. Virat asks Harak one by one to uncover the reason and promises that if he is unable to answer, he will give up on Heer. Harak then starts questioning, and Virat starts answering the questions one by one. Virat hugs Harak and says that now he can give him Heer. Harak is about to hug him, but Preeto comes and stops him. Preeto tells Virat’s antics wrong and says that he is playing with his feelings for his selfishness, which Virat denies. He says that all this is his love, not his greed. He gives shol to Harak so that he does not get cold on the way and leaves.

Simran asks Parmeet and Sant why they need to wait for Virat at night. She says it is wrong. Parmeet tells Simran that her brother is going to get married, and she has no enthusiasm. Simran says she has enthusiasm, but she cannot understand why they are so excited. Sant explains his reason, saying that he is waiting for Heer and Virat’s child. Virat is coming home. He sees Heer on the way, and he dances with her. When Virat’s imagination ends, he starts going home again.

Preeto asks Harak why he drank with Virat. Harak says that he drank not with Virat but with his Harman. He tells Preeto that he felt Harman there, and his tears start drooping. Preeto calls Malika and explains the whole thing. Malika assures her that she is with Preeto in every decision.

Parmeet notices that Virat is drunk. Virat grumbles Heer’s name. Parmeet is saddened to see his condition and decides that she will talk to Heer’s family members. In the morning, Heer dreams of Virat. Mahi tells her to wake up and says that her mother-in-law will taunt her if she sleeps like this in her in-law house. Preeto also comes. Heer looks at Preeto and says that she will take care of her mother-in-law as she is like her grandmother, who can handle everything. Heer tells Preeto that she wants Preeto to put her energy into her marriage, not stop her marriage. Episode end.

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