Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 16 October : Shayari stopped Rehan and Natasha’s marriage

At the beginning of the episode, an unknown woman is following Aman. Roshni notices the girl and catches her. The girl tells Roshni to leave her, and when Roshni leaves her, she falls into the arms of Aman. Both Roshni and Aman are shocked. Aman brings her down, and Roshni tells Aman that she is the same girl who came in her dream. Aman asks the girl who she is and doing here. The girl says she is his sword. Roshni and Aman are shocked to hear this. Roshni does not believe this. Talwar means the girl gets unconscious. But before she faints, she tells Aman about a danger.

Natasha tells Rehan that it is difficult for both of them to get married, but they cannot stay in each other’s body for long, and apart from that, they have no other way. Rehan says that if this is the case, then he is ready to marry. Rubina approaches the sword. When she opens her eyes, she gets shocked to see Rubina there. She says that Rubina is a threat and tries to leave but finds that she is imprisoned in chains. She tells Rubina that she will go and tell Aman about her. She says, but Aman will not believe her. And before Aman gets to know anything, she will take her to Jhumru.

Rehan tells Aman and Roshni that she will have to marry Natasha as they have no other option. Rubina thinks that now that everyone is busy in marriage, she should take advantage of the opportunity and give the sword to Jhumru. She takes the sword and locks it in a suitcase. Rubina is about to leave, but Roshni and Aman stop her and ask her to attend the wedding. Rubina has to stop even without wanting.

Marriage Begins Natasha says that as soon as the marriage is over, Rehan’s time of ruin will begin. The priest asks if they agree with the marriage. Natasha says yes, but Rehan hesitates to say yes. Then Shayari comes there. She changes the body of both of them and stops their marriage. Shayari gets angry with Rehan, and she asks that knowing that Natasha is not a good girl, yet every time he gets a chance, he gets ready to get married to her. Shayari says that all this was Natasha’s trick because she wanted to ruin him. Natasha says she can still do it. She summons some Rakshasas and attacks them. Aman summons his sword and is shocked to see that the girl is coming in a sword form. The sword kills the Rakshasas. Rubina thinks she should go from there before the sword tells them her truth. She goes to Jhumru from there and tells him that she has not been able to get the sword but has brought her power.

Roshni apologizes for not believing the sword. Aman asks she was talking about any danger, then what is that danger. Before the sword could tell anything, it disappears.

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