Shaadi Mubarak 16 October : Preeti’s lies revealed to KT

At the beginning of the episode, KT informs his family about his first project. Everyone is happy for him and despite KT’s father has sugar, he still insists on eating sweets. KT’s mother prevents them from doing so, but KT let him eat sweets. Sneha takes a family photo. Meanwhile, KT’s father asks KT’s mother if her cold is calm down right now, on which his mother has spoken yes and says that her condition is cured only because of Sneha. Because she knows many household remedies that work. KT tells her to make a medicine for sore throat as Preeti has a sore throat. Sneha makes medicine for him.

Preeti comes to her house and attends Durga Maa’s Aarti. After Aarti is over, Kusum tells her about the incident that happened with Rati. Preeti decides to meet the women who insulted Rati. She calls those women and says that not Rati, but her son drove her out of the house. Because there was a lack of his values. And even further, when they hear the plea of ​​an afflicted mother-in-law, make sure that it is not just the daughter-in-law’s mistake but also the son’s. Women understand her point. Kusum says either Preeti does not speak or when she speaks, she surprises everyone. Everyone praises this act of Preeti. Whereas KT hears Preeti’s words, who has come for Preeti and is surprised how she can speak so much despite Preeti’s sore throat. He realizes that Preeti lied to him and sadly leaves.

Kusum next comes to Preeti and praises her. Sumedha also comes. Kusum speaks some sweet words. Sumedha is surprised to hear this and thinks whether her mother is drunk that she is talking so sweetly. Kusum is shocked to see the strange behavior he does. Preeti tells her as she used such sweet words that Sumedha got surprised so he behaved like this. KT arrives at his house with a sad face. Sneha asks does her medicine work. KT tells them about Preeti’s lies. And says that he will talk to Preeti about this tomorrow. Next, Rati says to Tarun that now he only needs to bear Priyanka for 18 days. The next morning, KT questions Preeti as to why she lied.

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