Yeh Hain Chahtein 16 October :Rudrakash’s petty act

At the beginning of the episode, Neerja tells Rahul that she is going for a part, and first, she will hit the salon. As Neerja leaves, Yuvraj also left the place, making some excuse. Preesha was packing her bags, and suddenly she remembered that she hadn’t informed Vashudha about the tour. She called her and acknowledged her about the tour. In between, Rudrakash entered the room, and Preesha cuts the call. Then Rudrakash behaved rudely with Preesha for entering his room without permission.

Yuvraj was waiting for Neerja outside the salon. After taking so much time, Neerja came out of the salon and went to the repairing shop opposite the salon. Neerja collected the IPad and pen drive from there. Yuvraj was noticing her every moment. Neerja thought of calling Preesha and informing her, but her phone battery was dead, so she left from there without calling her. And Yuvraj followed her.

Rudrakash scolded her and said Kirti had helped him in his shopping. And grasped her hand and dragged out of the room, and closed the doors. After that, Preesha was wondering why Neerja didn’t call her yet. Neerja stopped her car in the midway to find the charger in the car. Yuvraj smashed her car with his car at full speed. And he did this many times. Neerja lost her consciousness, and her face was covered with blood. Yuvraj came out of his car and took that pen drive from Neerja’s car.

Preesha was trying to contact her. All were set to leave for the tour. While getting in, Kirti was facing a little problem, so Rudrakash picked her up and got into the bus to make Preesha jealous. Their first concert was at Jaipur. Balraj came across Yuvraj in the hotel and ignored him. Yuvraj saw Kirti and trying to recognize her.

After the concert, all were praising Rudrakash for his performance. Balraj said every one to take a rest and leaves from there. Kirti said that she wish if someone could give her a massage right now. Rudrakash said he would help her fulfill this wish, get in with her in the room, and close the door at Preesha’s face. Preesha gets upset about this gesture of Rudrakash. And Yuvraj was secretly observing everything from his room.

Episode ends…….

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