Anupamma 16 October : Will Vanraj and Kavya be able to get married?

At the beginning of the episode, Devika Dolly and Pakhi were looking at the wedding pictures. Anupama arrives and asks them to apply face packs and make-up. Devika is amazed to hear this and says that she feels that it is not her Anupama but someone else or whether it is her dream. She tells Anupama to pinch her so that she believes this is not a dream. Anupama pinches her and tells that this is not a dream but a reality. She tells them her wish that she wants to be well prepared for marriage, and hence she wants to do all this. Everyone is happy to know Anupama’s wish because she has thought of doing something for herself for the first time in life.

Next, Anupama goes to her room and glances at the sleeping Vanraj. She is about to put black hinges on Vanraj’s forehead, then Vanraj’s eyes open, and he is scared and screams after seeing Anupama with a face pack. Anupama turns on the light and says that it is her, so there is no need to fear. Vanraj tells her that she frightens him as soon as the first day of marriage starts. Both laugh.

In the morning, Anupama handles all the housework. And Vanraj gets ready to get married in the temple. Kavya gets ready in wedding dresses and sends a photo to Vanraj and says that his bride is ready. Vanraj is happy to see her. He is about to leave from there, but his watch gets stuck with Anupama’s palu, and Anupama tells him that God does not want him to go out. Vanraj says he will return to her soon.

Kavya is ready to go to the temple and is quite excited. Nandini tells her that she is doing wrong and can still stop. Kavya tells her not to spoil her mood. Nandani gives her taunt that she is so concerned about her mood, but she is doing to spoil someone’s marriage. Nandani tries to make her understand that she is playing with fire, which will turn her into ashes. Kavya says that now she will stop only when she wins, and after saying that, she leaves.

Vanraj is also leaving the house, but Sanjay stops him. Sanjay creates a situation for Vanraj, where he cannot go out. There Kavya arrives at the temple. But when Vanraj does not come even after 8 o’clock, Pandit Ji decides to go from there because he has more work. Here, Paritosh and Samar prepare Vanraj, and Anupama is already dressed in bridal attire and is desperate to meet Vanraj. Episode end.

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