Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16 October: Naira gets the perfect name

At the beginning of the episode, Krish and Vansh were talking to each other; suddenly, Kairav came and acknowledged about there talks. Then the three of them talking about Krishna, and suddenly Krishna came there and stood. In front of them. Kairav asked Krishna to show what she was hiding in her hands. Then Krishna showed her mud toy and said that she could make this for everyone if they are her friend.

Kirti started grooming Naira and covered the mirror with a cloth, and said Naira couldn’t see herself in the mirror today. Manish and Swarna were discussing Krishna’s topic that Krishna would be a trouble for Naira and Kartik. Suddenly Kairav came Downstairs and alerted Kartik that Naira is coming downstairs. Naira was eagerly waiting to see herself in the. Mirror. Then Kirti removes the cloth from and reveals Naira’s face. Everyone glanced at Naira.

All the Goeankas settled down for the Naamkaran ceremony. Kartik said every one to wait for Krishna. Naira called out Krishna, and then came and settled down. Manish taunted and said can we start the ceremony now? All were giving signs to Kirti to give their name as a priority. Then Pandit Ji said every one to decide a name that will be used at home. Then all started thinking over it.

After thinking for a few minutes, Kairav suggested a name at which Krishna made fun of him. Kartik told Krishna to stop laughing. Then Kartik indirectly explained Kairav to think of a better name for her. Pandit Ji was taking some time to reveal the starting letter of the name, so. Goeankas decided to dance and celebrate the ceremony. All the members rejoiced together and were very happy about the ceremony. Suddenly, Pandit Ji said that the starting letter of the name would be “A”. Then all started thinking and putting their ideas.
At last, all were asking for Naira’s suggestion. Taking time, Naira has her the name “Akshara”. Kartik loved this name and kissed the baby on her forehead. Naira gets a little emotional on this.

Episode ends….

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