Barrister babu 15 October : Bondita wrote a letter to Anirudh

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita is told by Suraiya and the man that her husband is marrying another girl and the girl is Mini. After listening this Bondita’s senses fly away. She tells the man to write a letter for hee in the name of Anirudh for which he agrees. Bondita asks Anirudh in the letter how he can torture her and marry Mini, while he always says that Mini is his friend. Bondita sheds tears and says that she did everything according to Anirudh but in the end she got this result. In this way Bondita also asks some more questions. Bondita asks the man, he has written everything correctly. The man says yes and assures her that he will give the letter to the postman. Bondita leaves from there. Tara kicking the man and asks why he wrote latter. The man says he only writes here there things. Tara ordered that but still letter should not posted to Bondita’s house.

Sampoorna is very worried about Bondita. Saurav tells her to eat food, Sampurna refuses. Sourav says that he knows that she is worried but she also has to take care of her well being. He tries to feed her something. Sampoorna’s health worsens. Sourav make her rest in Roy Mansion. Because anyway Roy Chowdary’s family is not at home.

The next morning, Anirudh calls at the mansion. Saurav picks up the phone. He asks Anirudh where he is. Anirudh tells that he is searching for Bondita in the Heera mandi. Saurav says that he is probably mistaken, Bondita cannot be there. Anirudh also believes his words for once.

Tara Bai searches Bondita’s letter. But Bondita wakes up and asks what she is doing with her belongings. Tara lies that she only wanted to take her letter so that she would give it to the postman. Bondita says that the letter is under her pillow. But she does not get there either. Haseena then tells her that she made the boat float in water with that letter. Bondita gets angry and pulls her hair. There is a fight between the two. Tara stops them. Anirudh gets a wet letter. Episode end.

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