Shaadi Mubarak 15 October : Priyanka’s smart move gets heavy at Rati

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti asks Kusum for help so that she can make some excuse as she doesn’t want to attend the meeting with KT. Kusum helps her and asks her to pretend to have a sore throat. Preeti likes this idea and she starts eating ice cream to execute it. KT notices that Preeti has ice cream on her mouth and he gives her a tissue to clean it. He is surprised to think that a small child is also present inside a woman like Preeti.

Priyanka tells Tarun that she will not do things like stealing Preeti’s project and if he wants a divorce from Rati, she will help him in other ways. And will also reduce the distance between her and Preeti. But will not adopt the wrong route.

Preeti clears her face with Tissu and KT reminds her that they have to go to the meeting in half an hour. Preeti shows a colored saree but KT gives her another saree and asks her to wear it to be ready. Preeti thinks about what excuse should she make now. She calls Kusum again and says that her throat did not get worse even after having cold food. Kusum asks her to pretend to have a sore throat. At first, Preeti doesn’t want to play like this but then does it. On the other hand, women’s organization people come to Rati’s office and curse her as she gives trouble to her mother-in-law. Rati believes that Preeti has done all this to tarnish her image.

When KT sees that Preeti is still not ready, he tells her to hurry. But Preeti writes on the board that she cannot go, her throat is sore. KT says he won’t go either. Preeti encourages him and asks to leave. Further, Rati tells Tarun that Preeti has complained to her while Priyanka calls Tarun and tells him that she has set up the women organization people behind Rati. Tarun is shocked.

Gopalani likes KT’s work very much and praises him. KT attributes this to Preeti. Preeti comes to know after she hears Rati’s voice that she is blaming Preeti for some reason. Episode end.

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