Qurbaan Hua 16 October : Neel accepts Chahat’s challenge

At the beginning of the episode, Naveli denied all the allegations of Chahat and said she was doing a rehearsal of her dialogues over a call with her friend, as from next week her online drama shows will be telecasted. After listening to this Neel hangs up the video call and scolded Chahat for blaming Naveli. Then Neel said Parmukh to come with us, but he said he has his car and will come by himself. After Neel and Chahat left Parmukh took a deep breath and felt relaxed.

While return home Neel said Chahat t to stop her investigation and don’t blame Naveli from next time. Then Chahat said that her agenda is to Protect Vyas Ji’s image. Chahat added that she won’t accept any harm to Vyas Ji’s image. Naveli called Parmukh and said him to wait there for her. After some time Naveli reached there and joyfully said Pramukh that now we will easily escape from here and live our lives freely. Pramukh angrily grasped Naveli’s neck and pushed her back to the walls of the well. And said because of her immaturity today he might be getting exposed. Then Pramukh pushed her and Naveli fell down on the floor. Parmukh said to her loudly that today he has given her a new life for which she has to Consider his feet as heaven and has to do things according to him.

Chahat was sitting in the car and thinking something, then Neel said her not to worry about anything. Then Neel played songs, after few minutes Neel and Chahat were feeling occurred because the songs were very romantic. Neel tried to change but one after one every song was of that same genre. Then Neel turned off the sound system.

Then Chahat thanked Neel to save her life and said that she is sure that next if she wouldn’t be in any trouble Neel will come and save her. Chahat recalled a few past moments that how Neel saved her from every trouble. Then Chahat said Neel to do the same thing in the future also, and in return, God will send him to heaven. Then Chahat said Neel to stop the car and they noticed a beggar, and Chahat decided to donate some money in the name of Neel as he has saved her today.

Jamunaparshad received a strange call after which he gets shocked, and Godhambhari woke up and started asking Jamunaparshad who called him and what he said, but Jamunaparshad was speechless. As Chahat and Neel went near the beggar, he stood and aimed the gun towards Neel and said to him to stand still, then he said in his walky-talky that both the boy and girl of different religions are with him. Chahat and Neel were totally confused.

Episode ends……

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