Anupamma 15 October : Vanraj make fool of Paritosh

At the beginning of the episode, Kavya tells Paritosh that if he wants to, he can tell everyone because everyone is slowly getting to know anyway. Paritosh remains astonishing. Kavya asks him if he has ever felt love in between his parents, no yes because there is no such thing between them. Because Anupama is Vanraj’s burden but she is his happiness and if he still wants to tell everyone then tell them because even then this marriage will not stop. Kavya sits on the couch and drinks coffee saying that he can go now. Paritosh goes from there.

Kavya calls Vanraj and tells him that Paritosh has come to know everything. Vanraj asks but for how. Kavya tells that Nandani came to know about this and so what she told Paritosh. And when Paritosh came to ask her, she also told him all the truth. Vanraj says angrily and he will not forgive her if any problem arises in his house. Kavya gets scared.

Sanjay comes to Vanraj and tells him that Paritosh has known his truth and slowly everyone will know his truth. Vanraj says he will manage. Sanjay says this is better for him.

Further, Paritosh comes to Vanraj and asks how dare he betray his mother. Vanraj says that he made a mistake. But when he realized this, he tried to rectify this mistake, but Kavya forced him to marry her. And he said yes in fear as he doesn’t want Kavya to say anything to Anupama because he loves Anupama very much and cannot see her broken. Paritosh says if this is true then he need not worry because he will handle Kavya’s insanity.

Vanraj calls Kavya and tells her that he has managed everything. Kavya is happy to know this and she tells him to reach the temple at 8 am. And Vanraj learns that his and Anupama’s wedding is at 8:30 am and Leela also refuses him to go out. Vanraj tells Kavya that he will reach before 8 o’clock but then thinks about how he will manage so much now. He takes Anupama to the room and tells that he has to go to work tomorrow so she should take care of Leela. Anupama agrees.

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