Nagin 18 October -Bani suspects Sakura

At the beginning of the episode, Bani becomes suspicious of Sakura and realizes that the person in front of her is someone else, not Veer. While the family of Veer is distracted by the lost red stone. They tell Veer, i.e., Sakura, to find the stone. Bani says that if that stone is so important, then they should see it. Bani thinks that only Veer can touch the red stone, and as soon as she finds that a person who looks like Akash cannot touch it, she will know that he is not Veer but someone else. Sakura is unable to understand why Bani is so excited about the stone.

Bani tells the family members of Veer that she had heard from Veer’s mouth that the stone could be found on the Chandubi hill, then they should go there. Daksha says he will also go with them. But Sakura refuses him, saying that he may be needed in the house as Pankaj is also not well. Bani starts forcibly taking Sakura. Sakura asks her why you are so excited about the red stone. According to him, Bani is doing this for her purposes. To which Bani says yes. She explains that she has benefited from the red stone, so she wants to get the stone. That’s when she sees Panditain. Bani goes to her. She tells Bani about the stone’s powers and tells her to take the stone to the Prayag river because it is a positive place that can save the stone from evil people. Bani tells her that she is going to Chandubi hill for some reason, but she will take the stone with her. She tells Bani to take care of her as Chandubi hill is a dangerous place. Bani tells her not to worry. And goes to her room. She takes the stone and is tying it in a red cloth. Mayuri notices it and tells Sakura and the others about it.

Bani leads the hill with Sakura. There Jai sets an elusive trap for her, along with Mayuri and Shukla are also ready to hunt. Bani asks Sakura to stop the car before reaching the hill. He asks why. Bani says the mountain is near here, so he should call that stone from here. Sakura does not understand the plan of Bani and starts calling the stone. Bani understands that he cannot be Veer because he would have known that the stone is with her if he had. Bani says does he know how to call a stone, or is he doing a drama play. He says she should walk with him to the hill so that he knows where the stone is. Sakura drags Bani towards the mountain. There Bani sees Shukla and Mayuri. Bani realizes that Shulka is a cheater and is cheating on Veer’s family. Mayuri and Shukla imprison Bani but are themselves imprisoned. And all this is the effect of red stone. Episode end.

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