Shaadi Mubarak 19 October : Priyanka’s truth comes in front of Juhi

At the beginning of the episode Preeti doing hamper work. KT arrives there. He wants to know where Preeti went today. Preeti tells him that she had gone to a meeting with Gopalani but does not say that she went to Chanda too. According to her, it is better to hide this thing from KT, so she did not tell anything. KT gets into thinking where he cannot understand what is the reason behind Preeti’s lying. Preeti tells KT that together they will touch the crest of the way. KT taunts her, saying that she thinks too much and stays ahead of him. Preeti does not understand why KT’s attitude has changed and she asks about it. KT once again imagines that he is scolding Preeti but in reality, he did not say anything to Preeti and left. Preeti finds KT’s behavior strange. Juhi goes to Sonar to find out about the ring and asks about it. Sonar tells Juhi that the ring is not taken by anyone else but Tarun. Juhi is shocked to hear this. She does not understand that when Tarun does not like Priyanka then what is the reason behind it.

After some time, Preeti sees that KT is feeling very upset, she goes to him and asks what happened, why is he look so upset. KT does not consider it necessary to answer her. Then KT receives his mother’s call. She asks KT to break the contact with Preeti, to which KT agrees because Preeti is unfaithful to him.

On the other hand, Priyanka discovers her ring which she does not find, and gets upset. Juhi comes and tells Priyanka that she has learned that the ring was given to her by Tarun and also that she is the one who stole Preeti’s project. She asks her why she did this. Kusum comes there and asks what is going on. Priyanka tells Juhi not to tell Kusum anything. Kusum questions Juhi as to why she calls Sonar without her knowledge. Kusum is saddened by this act of Juhi. Priyanka thanks Juhi that she did not say anything to Kusum. Juhi tells Priyanka that she has done all this for Kusum and not for her. Because she knows that this thing can hurt Kusum. She tells Priyanka that it would be good if she tells the truth to Kusum herself soon.

Preeti is distracted by KT’s strange behavior and cannot understand why he is doing this. She calls Kusum for help, who does not pick up her phone. Preeti calls Juhi. When Juhi picks up the phone, Preeti feels that Juhi is upset. She asks why she sounds like this, is something bothering her. Juhi tells Preeti nothing and tries to turn the talk around. Episode end.

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