Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19 October: A Tough choice for Kartik, Naira

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik was insisting Naira take the baby to the hospital, as she was crying for many hours. Vansh came to Kairav and said to him that his parents are adopting Krishna and making her sister. Kartik was searching for Kairav as he wants to discuss Krishna’s adoption with Kairav. Kairav ran towards Naira and requested her not to adopt Krishna. Naira was trying to make the baby silent, so she didn’t hear Kairav carefully, and agreed with him for what he was saying. Kairav was now happy and shared this news with Vansh.

Naksh and Kirti were done with the paperwork for their divorce and just planning how will they inform the family. There all preparations were done for Naksh and Kirti’s anniversary. All the Goeankas arrived there and settled down, Kartik and Naira were unaware that Kairav is present in the home, so they locked the house and went for the anniversary celebration. Kairav tried to stop them but they didn’t hear him at all.

Kairav start panicking and tried to remember Kartik’s phone number but he was unable to recall it. All the family members surprised Naira and Kartik instead of Naksh and Kartik. Then Manish asked for Kairav, but they predicted that he would be playing with the other children. Kartik whispered that after cake cutting they will disclose the decision of Krishna’s adoption.

Krishna notices that a Kairav is missing and there Kairav was trying hard to get out of the house. Kartik and Naira were about to go upstairs to Kairav, but Naksh and Kirti arrived. Listening to the car horn all the Singhanias and Goeankas hid somewhere and turned off the lights. Naksh and Kirti entered the house and searched for the other members getting no response they predicted that all of them would be in the temple. Naksh and Kirti started arguing that who will disclose the divorce decision. Suddenly they heard the baby crying and all the family members slowly came out and gathered around Naksh and Kirti watching them with perplexing facial reactions.

Episode ends…..

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