Yeh Hain Chahtein 19 October : Rudrakash’s plans are foiled

At the beginning of the episode, Rudrakash and Saransh were playing in the room, and Preesha was feeling happy for them. A few moments later Preesha also joined them in pillow fighting. Then Saransh slept and Rudrakash started insisting Preesha come with him. Then Rudrakash grasped her wrist and took her to Kirti’s room.

Kirti started objections that why Rudrakash came with Preesha, as we were thinking of spending time all alone. Rudrakash said to consider her as a non-living thing and said she will helping him in changing the songs and holding her phone near the socket to charge the phone. Rudrakash and Kirti opened the champion bottle and cheered each other. Preesha was standing still with the phone and feeling upset with Rudrakash behavior.

Rudrakash commanded Preesha to play a song for them on which Rudrakash played his guitar and after that, they also did a couple of dance in front of Preesha. Suddenly Saransh woke up and found both of them were missing, so he went to Kirti’s room in the search of Preesha and Rudrakash. There she saw Preesha was standing at one side, and Kirti was sitting on Rudrakash laps. Saransh shouted and asked that why Kirti is sitting like this and Preesha is standing with her one hand up.

All gets stunned and suddenly Rudrakash fooled Saransh that they are playing a game to identify who is stronger. Then Saransh looked weirdly for a few seconds. Then suddenly Preesha fell down. Because her legs were paining. Then Saransh said Rudrakash to help her and make lay on the bed. Then Saransh said Rudrakash to help him in massaging Preesha’s leg.

Then Saransh took Preesha and Rudrakash to their room. There Rudrakash denied sleeping with him on his bed as Preesha was also present. Then Saransh started insisting Rudrakash sleep with him. Then all of them slept.

The next morning when Rudrakash woke up he started staring at Preesha and noticed her hand was in his hand. After a few minutes Yuvraj called Preesha and requested her to come and meet him in front of Kirti’s room. Preesha gets confused.

Episode ends……

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