Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 19 October : Shola Jin brought new trouble in Junaid Haveli

At the beginning of the episode, Rubina comes into the garden and chants the mantra on top of the box and the box starts turning into a strange thing. While Roshni is talking to someone on the phone, she is taken aback by the burning wall and to see a strange thing. She thinks of informing Aman about this and goes inside the house and tells Aman. Rubina believes that through this plan, everyone will soon come to know that Roshni is not fit for Fariste’s heart and she will regain her heart soon. Aman and Roshni try to find what is there that is burning things.

On the other hand, Saima comes to Armaan and sees a strange thing, she gets nervous and falls down. Aman and Roshni also notice a strange mark close to Armaan’s bed. Aman comes to the pool to investigate and he sees an animal whose mouth is showering fire. Aman is going to attack her but that animal disappears from there and comes in front of the housemates.

She is about to attack the housemates but at the same time, Aman comes there and manages the situation, and imprisons her. Roshni calls Shayari and tells about the fire raining on animals. Whereas Rubina wants Roshni to hit and kill the animal. But Shayari refuses Roshni to do so. Shayari says that it is Shola jin and they do not hurt anyone, then there is nothing to fear or panic. Aman tells Shayari that but it is raining fire. Shayari says this can happen only when someone is using it wrongly. Roshni and Aman say that they should take Shola Jin to her rightful place. Rubina gets irritated. She is angry that her perfect plans have gone in vain.

To help Shola Jin, Aman and others give Shola jin jewelry but still, she fires. Aman and Roshni ask her about her problem. But Shola Jin tells nothing and sees the jewels lying near Baby. Baby says she will not give it because it has been given to her by her father and is priceless for her. Shola Jin makes her an egg. Everyone is shocked. Roshni is confused and cannot understand what to do. Episode end.

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