Shakti 19 October : Harak accepts Virat as Heer’s groom

At the beginning of the episode, Navratri is worshiped in Sant’s house and the same is also being done in Heer’s house. Gurminder asks for the happiness of Virat from Mata Rani. Virat swears that he will get Heer within 9 days and will light a lamp as he approaches his destination. Heer also asks for Virat from God. Virat says that Heer’s mother has agreed and soon he will convince everyone else. Harak is missing Harman. Harak says that Virat has reminded him by making him a partner. He says that Virat is just like him and loves Heer very much but he does not understand what to do. Virat comes there and calls Harak just like Herman calls him. Virat says that he has heard that Harak and Harman used to fight to decide big things, so should they do it too. Harak says that only Harman has the right. Virat says if that is the case then can they do arm wrestling. Harak agrees to this.

Parmeet and Sant come to Preeto’s house and beg Preeto to agree to the wedding. Preeto says that she has already told her that she is not ready for marriage. So it would be better that they should leave from here. Sant says they should sit comfortably and talk and then make a decision. He asks about Harak. Harak is busy fighting paw with Virat there. Virat defeats Harak. Virat now wants to know about Harak’s decision. Harak only congratulates Virat and Virat thanks him. Virat says that now that he has won, he will call him Harak Singh and tell this thing to the people of the house too. Preeto says that marriage cannot take place and she throws a plate of omen from Parmeet’s hand. But Harak takes over and approves of the relationship. Everyone is shocked. Preeto asks if he has gone mad. Harak says that he believes that he will not find a good boy like Virat and now he has accepted this omen. He tells Sant and Parmeet to leave from here and soon they will get good news about marriage and tells Heer to leave them outside. At the same time, he asks Mahi to keep Shagun in the temple of Mata Rani.

Preeto says that Harak got mad that he made such a decision. Harak says Heer has many enemies and Virat can protect her. Preeto says but she does not agree with this marriage. Harak says he is firm on his decision because Virat will always stand with Heer and he also wants Heer to live like Soumya. Heer says bye to Parmeet and Sant. And notices Virat. She tells Virat that Harak agrees to their marriage. And now they soon get married and have children. Virat says that he will go around the world and he has no need for children. Heer is shocked to hear this.

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