Anupamma 19 October : Kavya reveals that Vanraj is her lover

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama’s mother says that she has seen Anupama’s happiness after many years. Leela says why earlier she used to whip Anupama. Anupama’s mother says that she did not mean to say this and they both hug. Jayesh says that two banks of the river have been getting along to each other and they should take a photo on this matter. Kavya remembers Vanraj’s words and cries. The time of Kanyadaan comes. Pandit Ji asks who will do Kanyadaan. Jayesh says that he and Leela. All describe his idea as good. Jayesh calls Anupama his daughter and tells Vanraj that he should always keep Anupama happy and never hurt her. Vanraj says yes of course.

Rakhi says that when their drama will end, she had thought that there will be some fun to watch even today but here everything has faded. The taxi in which Kavya set comes in a bad condition. So she gets down from the taxi in despair. Leela says that Anupama is her daughter and her choice from now on. Anupama feels happy to hear this. Nandni notices Anirudh’s calls and she calls back Anirudh. Anirudh tells her that Kavya has left the temple.

Nandni gets worried. She calls Paritosh. Vanraj notices them. Vanraj thinks if Nandni is upset because of Kavya. Nandni tells Paritosh that Kavya is coming towards the house. Paritosh tells her not to worry. Rakhi comes there and asks Paritosh what he and Nandani are doing here. Paritosh makes an excuse. Kavya is coming towards the house without slippers. Nandni thinks that Paritosh is not worried about Kavya but she knows how crazy Kavya is and she will surely do a spectacle.

Samar sees Nandni worried. He asks Nandani why she is so upset. Nandani says she is just worried about her aunt. Samar asks her to swear on and prove it. Nandani swears and proves that she is worried about Kavya only. The ritual of the wedding ceremony begins. Sanjay tells Dolly that she should tie the alliance well enough that no one can break it. Dolly does the same. Vanaraj gives her a neck. The phera process begins.

Vanraj feels as if Kavya is watching him. Paritosh thinks why Vanraj is so distracted. After some time Kavya comes there. Leela asks her why she came so late. Kavya says because today she was also going to get married but could not because her lover did not come. Anupama asks who is her lover. Kavya takes the name of Vanraj. The ground slips under Anupama’s feet. All are taken aback. Vanraj has no answer to give. While Anupama is only looking at Vanraj. And is for waiting for him to speak something.

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