Qurbaan Hua 20 October : Gazala Gave threat to Chahat

At the beginning of the episode, Gazala comes back to her get-up and acknowledged Chahat that she is the same person who is living in her house as a maid. Chahat asked Gazala that why she didn’t come to her and informed her about his father. Gazala taunted that she can’t believe a person who married a person who is willing to kill his father. Then Chahat explained that she is not Married to Neel, she is just staying there to catch the culprit. Hobo sprinkle water on Neel’s face to regain his consciousness, then Neel rushed to the hospital.

Chahat started requesting Gazala to disclose Mr. Baigh’s location, but Gazala said that he would not say her anything as she has accepted another religion, staying with the people of another religion. Gazala says that now she is free to express her aggression towards Chahat. Hobo tries to calm down Neel, but he was very anxiously waiting to see the culprits face.

Godhambhari suspected Gazala of all the incidents that happened in the past. Then suddenly she noticed Naveli’s wearing was improper, then she made her acknowledged, and then she noticed Naveli was panicking and trying to hide her face. A few moments later Naveli said everything to Godhambhari that Gazala has sent all that text to Gourishankar, but she didn’t know anything about Pramukh and her relationship. Godhambhari gets shocked. And said angrily that in the whole world she got only this maid for help.

Gazala blamed Chahat for being selfish and just thinking for herself. Gazala also said that Chahat is jealous of her beauty. Chahat was continuously requested Gazala to take her to Dr. Baigh. Gazala offers her a deal, that if she helps her in destroying Vyas Ji’s family she would take her to Dr. Baigh. Vyas Ji saw Jamunaparshad was upset, then he called him and tried to make him feel better by using some good quotes about life.

Chahat denied helping Gazala, then Gazala said that if she would reveal her in front of the family then Dr. Baigh will be in danger. Neel was moving towards the hospital. Chahat was totally confused and started crying. Gazala said before Neel comes and catches her she has to leave and said Chahat that now everything thing is in her hand. She has to decide what she wants.

Episode ends

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