Barrister babu 19 October : Bondita tries to run away from Hira Mandi

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita is distracted by Sampoorna’s situation and she thinks of running away from this house with Sampoorna. While Anirudh comes to Tara searching for Bondita and loudly calls Bondita. Bondita hears Anirudh’s voice and thinks if he is here. Tara instructs that the singing be done loudly so that Bondita cannot hear the noise of Anirudh.

Rasiya suspects that Bondita is here. Bondita believes that Anirudh cannot come to this place and she will have to help herself and get out of here. Mini pacifies Anirudh by pretending to be good and worried in front of Anirudh. Bondita starts making a plan to get out. She remembers that once she burnt coal and the smoke spread. She thinks of using this method.

Mini asks Anirudh why he thinks Bondita is trapped here. Anirudh says that he feels through the letter and through this he will find Bondita. The Bondita scheme is being implemented. She spreads the smoke by burning coal and tells Tara that there has been a fire in the house.

She hugs Tara and says she is very scared. Bondita takes advantage of the opportunity and gets the key. Anirudh tells Mini that it would be good if she leaves from here because he cannot take care of her. Bondita opens Sampoorna’s room and tells her to run away with her. Anirudh leaves Mini and prepares to find Bondita. Rasiya notices Bondita while she is running. Tara also comes to know that Bondita and Sampoorna are missing and she orders to find them.

Anirudh asks Binoy to help him so that he can find Bondita. Binoy says yes for once but later thinks that he will not help Anirudh in the case of Bondita. Bondita’s dupatta gets stuck with the rickshaw, she tells Sampoorna to run away and gets herself trapped. Bondita notices Mini and calls her for help. Mini deliberately ignores her. Mini says she will not allow Bondita and Anirudh to meet now. Suriya and Man take Bondita and present it to Tara. Tara decides to punish Bondita.

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