Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 20 October : Will Rubina succeed in her plan

At the beginning of the episode, Shayari and Rehan come to the black hill to find the sword of the Jinad king, because they can find the sword there. Roshni calls Shayari and tells that Shola Jin has made a baby egg. Shayari says but Shola Jin does not do that. Roshni says maybe she wants to tell us something. Shola Jin starts speaking Khazana. While in the courtyard, one thing starts sparkling. Shayari and Rehan notice Jhumru and take a photo of him so that they can ask about it from Ustad.

Grandma is crying after seeing Baby’s condition. Aman pacifies her and says that Baby will be fine soon. Roshni asks Shola Jin what she wants. Roshni says that she feels that she cannot harm her but she does not know what she wants. Whereas an egg is running from inside the ground. Shola Jin calls the treasure again. Shola Jin takes the form of Fire Dragon again. Roshni does not understand what has happened to Shola Jin. Shola jin fires and this time makes Saya an egg and disappears somewhere.

Roshni calls the housemates and all are shocked to see Saya’s condition. Aman says that they should have killed Shola Jin. Roshni says but she does not think that Shola Jin is evil and are enemies so they should not think of killing her. Aman says but what about Shola Jin does with his family. Roshni says that maybe Shola Jin wants to tell them something. Then Rubina comes there and she also offers to kill Shola Jin. Roshni says if there is no other solution. Rubina refuses. Aman says If this is so they should go and find Shola Jin now.

And they go from there. Shayari and Rehan show Utsaad the photo of Jhumru. He tells them that Jhumru died two days ago with Jinad’s sword. He tells them that the sword’s soul can also be transferred. Rehan and Shayari think that but who can do this. Rubina holds the sword and thinks that very soon she will get Roshni done the sin and get her heart. Aman comes there and thinks about what Rubina is doing here he goes to Rubina and asks what she is doing. Rubina hides the sword and says that she was only looking for Shola Jin. Aman says they should find her inside. Roshni sees blood marks and finds Shola Jin. She offers to help her. Then Dadi arrives and thinks of imprisoning Shola Jin.

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