Shakti 20 October : Harak make a strange demand in front of Rohan

At the beginning of the episode, Preeto denies marriage. She says that Harak was the one who said that Heer would never marry and today he is breaking the promise that he made. Soham says he used to think that Harak is very intelligent but still he is taking such a decision. Harak says it would be better if he does not say anything because he is the one who tried to kill Heer. Rohan says that he knows that Virat loves Heer but it is difficult to carry on the rishta with Kinnar.

Heer knocks on the door. Soham opens the door and Heer comes and hugs Harak and calls him the best grandfather in the world. Harak asks her to apply turmeric so that she looks most beautiful. Heer leaves, saying okay. Harak takes Rohan with him. Preeto thinks where are these two going. Preeto gets so angry that she thinks that she should tell the truth of Heer to the family members of Virat so that the wedding game is over. Mahi prevents her from doing so as her wrong decision may outweigh Heer.

Simran is angry due to Preeto’s distant behavior and speaks badly about her. Sant is also angry. But Parmeet pacifies them and says that all this is necessary for Virat’s happiness, else they will manage after Heer comes to this house. Gurminder overhears her talk and thinks of protecting Heer as she will be like his younger sister. Virat comes home and burns the lamp in front of Durga’s mother as he has convinced Harak after Heer’s mother.

Harak takes Rohan to eunuchs and Harak asks Rohan to choose a eunuch as his bride. Rohan gets shocked. Malika is also surprised to hear this. She asks Harak what is he saying? Rohan has the same question. Harak says, now he finds out how easy it is to make talks but how difficult it is to love a eunuch. And that Virat who not only loved Heer but also proved his life every time. Rohan agrees and calls Virat and say yes to this marriage. Virat is happy and tells this to his family members too.

Heer tells the housemates that Rohan has also agreed to the wedding. Preeto gets angry with this and she slaps Rohan which surprises everyone. Soham says that they should not feel bad because Rohan does not belong to their family. Hark curses Soham for this. Heer is also angry with Soham and scolds him for his wrong thinking.

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