Anupamma 20 October : Kavya’s plan once again hurt Anupama

At the beginning of the episode, Vanraj imagines that Kavya is telling the truth to everyone. But in reality, Pakhi asks Kavya why she has come late. On which Kavya says that she was stuck in some work. She says that she can do other rituals. Leela says yes. And Kavya asks Vanraj to fill Anupama’s maang with vermilion.

Vanaraja applies vermilion on Anupama’s forehead and makes her wear Mangalasutra. Kavya is looking at Vanraj with moist eyes. Anupama says that she wants to tell everyone something. She tells everyone that there is no happier luck than her because she found a life partner like Vanraj who gave her 5 precious gifts which are love, faith, and children and family.

Kavya is irritated seeing all this. Paritosh, Nandni, and Sanjay come to Kavya and ask her not to do anything wrong. But Kavya says that they should say goodbye to Anupama and make Anupama cry because, without all this, traditional marriage is incomplete. Everyone agrees. Kavya then dances to the song of farewell. Paritosh, Nandni, and Sanjay get angry seeing Kavya’s drama. Kavya invites everyone to dance and slides away from there herself. Vanraj thinks about where did Kavya go. While Kavya is standing behind him and warns him that now any of his weapons will not work on her.

Kavya tells Vanraj that the bride weeps on farewell but the most hurting part is when the bride does not have a farewell and that one weeps more than a normal bride. And today she has cried so much that her tears have dried up and now she has come here to take her share of happiness. Anupama hugs her mother and her mother says that she is very happy today because for the first time she has seen Anupama happy. Anupama says that she was always happy.

Her mother says that she always tried to hide her sorrows but she felt sadness in her eyes but now her mind is calm because finally she got her share of happiness and she has to remain happy like this. Then they go inside and perform the rituals of the home country. Whereas Kavya tries to open the alliance of Vanraj and Anupama and also opens it. When Anupama enters the home, she comes inside alone which surprises everyone. Kavya tells Vanraj that this bond has now opened up and now he will only bond with her.

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