Yeh Hain Chahtein 20 October : Preesha learns the truth?

Yuvraj called Preesha in front of Kirti’s room and said her to come with him. Preesha denied coming with him suspecting that Yuvraj might have some plan against her. Then Yuvraj insisted and took Preesha inside and opened that cupboard, but Preesha found nothing was there. Then Yuvraj showed a few pics which he has clicked from his phone. Preesha gets shocked and requested Yuvraj to come with him to Rudrakash. Thinking for a few minutes Yuvraj happily went with Preesha.

Preesha went to the dining area and requested Rudrakash to come to a side as she wanted to discuss something important. Rudrakash denied coming and said to her to say everything here in front of everyone. Then Preesha said that Kirti’s over-friendly nature is fake she just wanted to destroy our family. Rudrakash stood up and shouted at Preesha and said her to keep her mouth shut. Then Preesha said that she is also having proof against her. When Yuvraj was handling the phone to Preesha suddenly a waiter collapsed and Yuvraj’s phone didn’t turn on.

Kirti thanked her self in her mind that she previously got to know about this. So she paid for a waiter for all this. Then Kirti went to Preesha and stopped her and said that there is no need to play any dirty games with her. Then she said to Rudrakash that she will not continue this. Balraj from behind said no one will go anywhere. And taunted Preesha and said her to stay within her limits.

Then all went to Ahmedabad for the concert. There Yuvraj dragged Preesha in a corner and acknowledged her about Kirti’s plan and added that she is very clever. Then Preesha and Saransh bought a gift for Rudrakash to surprise him, but Rudrakash was not willing to accept the gift as it was chosen by Preesha, but Saransh insisted him to wear this dress tonight. Suddenly Rudrakash noticed Yuvraj was calling Preesha and gets angry and Preesha immediately cuts the call and went off.

A “Dandiya Night” was organized, Saransh and Preesha were waiting for Rudrakash. Saransh asked Preesha that Rudrakash will wear that dress or not which we gifted him. Preesha said to him that you have said to him he will surely wear the dress. After a few moments Rudrakash came downstairs with a different costumes Saransh and Preesha were a little upset fro that. Rudrakash came and hugged Kirti. And thanked her for selecting the costume for her. Preesha was observing everything and feeling sad for it.

Episode end……

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