Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20 October: Naksh and Kirti’s decision shocks everyone

At the beginning of the episode, All the family members heard Naksh and Kirti discussing divorce. Naira suspected that they are trying to do a prank on us, but Naksh stood speechless for a few minutes. There Kairav tried to get out of the house but didn’t find any way. At last, he broke the glasses of the window with a ball. Then Kirti said it’s going on for a long time, and Naksh has no faith in me.

Vatsal and Krish were trying to play guitar in a room, and Krishna entered the room and tried to get involved with them, but Krish made fun of her. There Dadi was shocked after hearing all these. Then one by one all started giving their suggestion and trying to make them understand that divorce is a wrong decision. They should think about Krish too. Then Naksh blamed that Kirti has taken a lot of money from her in the name of the business and gave to Aditya to close his mouth. Many times Kirti has lied to me regarding Aditya.

Dadi blamed Naksh for all this and extending the topic which was already done a few months ago. Dadi also pointed towards Naksh’s weak trust. Dadi said Kirti to pack her bags and Krish will go with them, and in the future, there will be no connection between Krish and Naksh. Krish came downstairs to surprise them with his guitar, but he listened about the divorce and was standing stunned.

Then Naksh and Kirti started arguing with whom Krish will stay. Krish was willing to stay with both of them. Then all the family members started arguing on this, at last Naksh left the hand of Krish and let him go. Krish was requesting Naksh that he want to stay here in his room. Naira noticed that Kairav was missing she thought he would go inside after seeing this scene. At last Kirti and Krish went with the Goeankas.

Outside the house when they were leaving for the home. Naira was asking for Kairav. Then Vansh said he was coming with them but suddenly he said he will come with his small sister. Then Kartik tried calling but no one picked. There Kairav was planning to jump from the balcony on bean bags. He was trying to motivate himself, that it’s too easy to jump. There Naira and Kartik left for the house. Naira was praying for Kairav that he shouldn’t take any wrong step.

Episode ends…..

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